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For many, when you think of tree houses, you think of something for kids in the backyard. Tree house homes are a childhood dream, a place to play, and your own outdoor palace. In a backyard setting, where childhood reigns, there certainly is no such thing as luxury tree houses to rent. But tree houses don’t have to be just for kids! Long before these residences were being built in the suburbs, their use was much more practical. Living in a tree house meant you were not sleeping on the jungle floor, where predators roamed at night. It is thought, by many anthropologists, that this is something in human behavior that comes from our ape ancestors. Not only were you safe while you went to sleep in a tree house, but it made food storage easier and provided the best vantage points to keep an eye out. Many native tribes in Southeast Asia still use elevated housing structures today (albeit they are far from anything like our tree house rentals in Pennsylvania or California, for example)!

These tree forts made their way to Europe and other parts of the world, slowly. In the Middle Ages, these structures were used for meditation and as living quarters by Franciscan and Hindu monks; the Renaissance spread their popularity, especially in Italy. Tree houses adorned many gardens and even the House of Medici had a tree house in an Italian villa, admired by all who visited. Tree houses even made their way to England and gained popularity during the Tudor rule; one of the oldest tree houses in England, built in the 16th century, still exists in its original Tudor style!

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Slowly, these unique dwellings used by the wealthy and royal, made their way into the dreams of children, and eventually into the imaginations of those in the vacation rental industry! Or at least, that’s how we think the tree house rental came to be. And oh boy, we’re glad they did, because we couldn’t imagine a glamping world without these awesome tree house vacations. These luxury tree house rentals will have you reaching for your wallet, getting ready to book them as fast as you can! But don’t worry, even while some of these rental tree houses are luxury, they are still affordable. With a range of prices and amenities, you’re sure to find the perfect tree house cabin for your next glamping vacation. So if now you’re wondering, ‘are there tree house rentals near me,’ keep reading to learn about some of our most-popular tree house cabins for rent and find out!

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Trust us when we say, there are cool tree houses for rent all over the world, and probably some near you! So, do a quick search and finally stop asking yourself, ‘where are the best tree house vacation rentals near me?’ With so many vacation rentals in this list, you’re sure to find something near home—a tree house home. Find an Ohio tree house, Indiana tree house rental...from tree house hotels in Colorado to the best tree house cabins Virginia has to offer, all the way to the French countryside or suburbs of Queensland, these are the best tree houses for rent, for a reason, just take a look!

One of our most popular and unique tree houses is a vacation rental in Upstate New York. Hidden in the canopy of the trees near Saratoga Springs, tree house cabin rentals like this make it easy to get outdoors and enjoy some of the best things to do in New York outdoors. Georgia also has some amazing tree house cabin rentals. We have romantic tree house retreats for two or large tree house cottages for families in North Georgia. From the comfort of these glamping vacation rentals, spend your days exploring the best Blue Ridge Parkway hikes and more outdoor Georgia attractions. But there’s more! Find a top Melbourne accommodation when you go on holiday in Australia and enjoy a few days in one of Australia’s modern tree houses. From this holiday home, explore the Dandenong Ranges and enjoy a relaxing weekend trip from Melbourne. Better yet, if you’re on holiday in France, perhaps you would enjoy a weekend break near Grenoble in one of the cute tree house pods available for rent in the French countryside! So whether you have a family vacation coming up or are planning couples holidays, discover new travel destinations and cabin tree house rentals when you go glamping! Find ‘tree house camping near me,’ today.

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Any vacation you take should be a memorable one, and with glamping, that’s easy. Browse through these unique vacations and pick out your favorite log tree house cabins. We’re here to make it easy! Stop wondering, ‘where is there a tree house near me’ and find the best vacation rentals right in your backyard. Tree top cabins are perfect for a secluded getaway, no matter where you want to travel. Enjoy a bird’s eye view and the peace and quiet afforded to you by these pretty tree houses make it easy to relax and recharge. Book your treetop camping in tree houses anywhere you want in the world. French Alps holidays? We have them. Weekend getaways from Atlanta? We’ve got plenty of those too. Looking for log cabin tree houses? You’ll find them here. All across the US, you can find a tree house rental. Colorado tree houses, Louisiana getaways, and even adult tree houses in Missouri, you’re sure to find somewhere to rent near you.

With more than 400 luxury tree houses to rent worldwide, you’re bound to find the glamping getaway and treetop vacations to suit your needs. Whether it’s family vacations in Michigan or a special anniversary and romantic getaway in Costa Rica, these tree house rentals bring your vacations and holidays to new heights, literally! Book your tree house vacation and get ready for a new perspective on travel. Stay in a tree house, it is certain to be your best luxury vacation yet.