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Why Choose a Tree House Rental?

These tree forts made their way to Europe and other parts of the world in the Middle Ages. Treehouses were used for meditation and as living quarters by Franciscan and Hindu monks. After the Renaissance, the popularity of tree houses spread, especially in Italy. 

Once, something that kids loved to use as their own little hideaway, treehouses now offer added luxury for the whole family to enjoy. With stylish kitchens, sleek bathrooms plus many more sophisticated amenities, you can stay in a treehouse for a truly relaxing break. 

You can also find treehouses with log burners, hot tubs, and more, making these the ideal place to stay for those seeking utter tranquillity. After you have spent some time exploring the outdoors, head back to your spot in the trees to disconnect and fully immerse yourself in the surrounding nature. 

With treehouses all over the world, you can choose your ideal location to explore the area, all while staying in a unique type of accommodation. Whether you’re looking to find the beauty in California, hike the mountains in Colorado, or visit the quintessential countryside in the UK, there are treehouses out there for all.

With more than 400 amazing tree houses to rent worldwide, you’re bound to find a treetop vacation to suit your needs. Browse our list of treehouse accommodations to find your next break for the whole family. No matter where you choose to stay, you will discover an unmatched experience when deciding to stay in these unique properties.

Do Tree houses have hot tubs?

When browsing through our list of tree houses, you will find some incredible properties that also have hot tubs. This adds a little extra luxury to your stay, allowing you to truly unwind while sleeping in a tree house.

How many people does a tree house sleep?

The amount of people that can stay in a tree house varies. When browsing our rentals, it’s best to filter your search to the amount of people you’re vacationing with. This will help narrow down your options to find the best tree houses to suit all.

Are tree houses expensive?

The price for a tree house will vary depending on a number of factors. Things like added luxuries, location, your length of stay and more will all determine the cost. This means that there are a range of tree houses to suit varying budgets!


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