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Bordered by Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona, Colorado is one of the Mountain States, encompassing most of the southern Rocky Mountains. It is well known for its diverse geography, which includes rivers, canyons, sand dunes, forests, alpine mountains, and cosmopolitan cities, such as Denver: the capital and most populous city. The Centennial State is famous for its ski resorts and spectacular slopes, but it offers plenty of recreation for the four seasons.

Best outdoor activities in Colorado

From the Front Range to the southern valley, there is plenty to enjoy in Colorado. Pikes Peak is the most-visited mountain in North America and can be reached hiking, biking, driving, or by train. Colorado has 81 waterfalls, but a firm visitors’ favorite is Helen Hunt Falls. Eldorado Canyon State Park is the perfect place for rock climbing, while Mesa Verde National Park is home to the best-preserved Pueblo sites in the U.S. Spectacular slopes and entertaining winter activities can be found at the famous ski resort town of Aspen.

Top attractions in Colorado

The state attracted Ancestral Puebloans and Plains Indians before the first Spanish explorers named it Colorado for its red-colored earth. Colorado’s Native American heritage can be experienced at Hovenweep National Monument, at the Anasazi Heritage Center, or along the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway. Wild West History can be seen at Bent’s Old Fort and mining towns, such as Breckenridge and Central City.

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Colorado’s rich geography results in a great climate. The average temperature is 43°F, rising up to 90°F during the summer season, and dropping to 18°F during winter. Although local areas are affected by differences in elevation and orientation of mountains and valleys, the state offers pleasant conditions on both hot and cold days. Storms originating in the Pacific Ocean fall as rain or snow on the mountain tops.

Best outdoor vacation spots in Colorado

There is an amazing array of animal and plant species in Colorado. 500 types of wildflowers, varieties of cacti, lilies, orchids, and conifers flourish in the area. The Green Mountain-Onahu Loop features sunflowers, wild roses, and columbines. The blue grouse and bighorn sheep (the state bird and state animal) coexist with elk, mountain lions, antelope, moose and other species that can be spotted at Rocky Mountain National Park or Colorado State Forest Park.