Glamping near Lakes of Covadonga and La Santina

Luxury accommodation for glamping in Covadonga and La Santina lakes

If you are planning a visit to Asturias, you cannot miss the lakes of Covadonga and La Santina, one of the most important natural parks in Asturias and Spain. The lakes of Covadonga are three glacial lakes: Enol, Encina and Bricial, located in the Covadonga Park, which in turn lies in the foothills of the Picos de Europa National Park. Lake Enol is the largest lake, inside of which is submerged an image of the virgin of Covadonga which is taken out in September for the processions. Lake Ercina is ideal for picnics and enjoying the views from the very best vacation rentals. The last one, the Bricial lake, the smallest one, which only appears when the ice melts. La Santina is another special place, a sacred cave that hides the Patron Saint of Asturias. The best way to discover the beauty of the lakes of Covadonga and La Santina is to go glamping. Find the most original luxury accommodation for your next lakes of Covadonga and La Santina camping getaway.

The best accommodation for a holiday in the lakes of Covadonga and La Santina

Los mejores alojamientos para unas vacaciones en los lagos de Covadonga y La Santina