Lakeshore is in Fresno County, California and it is located on the north shore of Huntington Lake meaning it boasts some of the most stunning views. Imagine sharing a bottle of wine over a delicious homemade meal, watching the sun set over the Huntington Lake, it doesn't get much better than that. In Lakeshore you are nestled in the beautiful natural wilderness as it is right next to Sierra National Forest. Take a day trip to the heart of the forest and experience all that it has to offer, from fishing to diving to hiking, you will certainly never be bored. Take a picnic and find the perfect spot to settle and take in the jaw-dropping scenery and be surrounded by nature, in a tranquil and peaceful aroma. If you are looking for a winter getaway, Sierra National Forest is great to visit as there are many snowsports such as cross-county skiing and snowmobiling to enjoy.