Sierra County

Glamping in Sierra County, which is located in the northern section Sierra Nevada and shared a border with the state of Nevada, is a great way to explore this beautiful area of California. By going luxury camping in Sierra County, you’ll delve right into its varied scenery, which ranges from conifer and aspen forests, to woodland forests, to beautiful valleys covered in crops, and of course, beautiful wildflowers blooming in spring. Whether you choose a luxury cabin with all of the amenities or a unique tent with all the privacy in the world, there’s no changing the fact that when you look out your window or sit on the front porch, the views are simply unbeatable. By day, you can enjoy such gems as the Plumas National Forest, and the Lakes Basin Recreation Area, where you’ll find beautiful glacially formed lakes like Upper and Loser Sardine Lakes, Packer Lake, and Gold Lake. Glamping in Sierra County is the best way to jump right into this stunning region of California.