South Bay

Just south of San Francisco, you’ll find the South Bay, a piece of Northern California worth discovering. Glamping in South Bay is a great way to do just that. By going luxury camping South Bay, rather than going the standard hotel route, you’ll dive right into the region. Before falling asleep above the rest of the world in a luxury tree house, open up a bottle of the region’s finest and watch as the stars start to peek out. This is what glamping in South Bay is all about—slowing things down, appreciating your surroundings, and embarking on your very own adventure. While luxury camping in South Bay, enjoy hikes through the country, or plan a day of winery visits. The beauty of going glamping in South Bay is that the adventure is in your hands, and it’s yours to shape and mold. No matter how your glamping trip plays out, we’re pretty sure it’s going to one for the books.