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Glen Rose, Texas (Glenrose, as many people know it) is a city in and county seat of Somervell County, Texas, an hour away from the bustling metropolis of Fort Worth. This area is full of gorgeous natural areas and bodies of water like Brazos River, Lake Granbury, and Wheeler Branch Reservoir. There is a park beside the reservoir, Wheeler Branch Park, which has plenty of picnic areas as well as fun water activities such as kayaking and fishing. Dinosaur Valley State Park is also just a short drive away, where you’ll find fossilized dinosaur footprints along the river, two life-size dinosaur models, and 1,500 acres of scenic parkland. Glen Rose, Texas camping style is a fantastic way to stay in the area and to visit all of these great sites! Forest Rim Wildlife Center is just a stone’s throw away, where you can drive through 1,700 acres of land and view animals such as giraffes, antelopes, and deer. Another interesting sight is the Fossil Rim, camping here will allow you to see some impressive animal species, as well as stunning landscapes. If you're in search of the perfect cabins near Glen Rose, TX, then this is the place for you! Perhaps you want a more unique accommodation, check out a magical tent rental for added pizzaz to your camping getaway. Glen Rose camping cabins are a luxury adventure you don't want to miss! Find the best Glen Rose vacation rentals here and go camping near Glen Rose, TX with the best Lake Whitney cabins!

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