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Texas is located in the South-Central region of the U.S. and is the second largest state, both by land and population. Nicknamed “The Lone Star State,” the nickname is a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico—the border of which is made up of the river Rio Grande, the fourth largest river in North America. Home to deserts, pine forests, and vast stretches of protected land, Texas is full of natural wonders and diverse landscapes, all of which make for the ideal backdrop for a glamping vacation. That’s not all, though—Texas also holds some amazing cities, like Austin or Dallas, that truly give tourists a chance to experience the authentic Texan metropolitan culture.

Best places to visit in Texas

Big Bend National Park lies in the southwestern part of the state and is 800,000 acres of mountains, rivers, and deserts. In fact, it’s the only national park in the U.S. that holds an entire mountain range within its borders. If you’re searching for a natural pool to help you beat the heat during those Texan summers—and willing to get your heart pumping to get there—Jacob’s Well is just the place. To reach this karstic spring, you must go through a fully-submerged cave that reaches an average depth of 120 feet! Looking for something a little more relaxing, maybe? Guadalupe Mountains National Park is home to Texas’ tallest peak and allows you to explore diverse terrain as you see fit, with everything from canyons and dunes to pine and Douglas fir forests, as well as views of the Chihuahuan Desert.

Must-see tourist attractions in Texas

Texas’ “Lone Star” nickname will soon make sense after you visit the historic Alamo in San Antonio. Once a Spanish mission and fortress in the 1700s, the Alamo got its name from the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, during the Texas Revolution for their independence from Mexico, and it stands today as a tribute to the fallen American soldiers. The state is full of historical attractions for you to delve into—just head to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, which tells the biographical story of John. F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the U.S. Stop by the San Antonio River Walk to enjoy the city’s colonial heritage, as well as find some great food in one of the local restaurants and cafes that line the promenade.

Best time to visit Texas

The sheer size of Texas means a varying change in temperatures across the state from summer to winter. The southeast, where the city of Houston lies, sees a subtropical climate with long hot summers and very mild winters—meaning a visit here is perfect all year round. The central and northern areas of the state have very hot summers and, to contrast, bitter winters. If you’re planning on visiting in the summer and want to get in some beach time, try South Padre Island; however, if you’re vacationing in the winter, head to Hill Country for a winter resort and enjoy the country life!

Top outdoor destinations in Texas

Most famous for cowboys and barbecue, many people don’t realize how much pure natural beauty Texas has to offer. The Natural Bridge Caverns, located in San Antonio, allow you to meander through these stunning, subterranean thousand-year-old wonders. Big Bend and Guadalupe National Parks are so endless that you could spend a whole trip dedicated to simply seeking out all the serene views, climbs, and walks. With a landscape so diverse, you will get the chance to explore like never before and get the most out of your nature-based getaway.