Relaxing Dome Retreat Nestled in the Forest near Pecos, New Mexico

Pecos, New Mexico (United States)

Relaxing Dome Retreat Nestled in the Forest near Pecos, New Mexico

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This relaxing dome retreat is nestled in the forest near Pecos, New Mexico, and can accommodate two guests. This inviting dome is surrounded by cedars, junipers, arroyos, and stunning red mesas. A sofa bed opens into a comfortable queen-size bed and a separate cot is available upon request. The dome is equipped with a composting toilet and a portable hot-water shower. There is plenty of solar-sourced electricity to use for lights, appliances, and all media devices.

The kitchen is equipped with a two-burner gas stove, an ice chest, and plenty of water. The host provides a complimentary breakfast each morning, and additional meals can be arranged. During cold weather, guests can light the cozy propane gas heaters to stay warm. When the weather is warmer, guests will be able to open the plentiful windows and enjoy cross-ventilation that is present due to breathable walls and the absence of interior partitions.

Outside, guests will find seating areas and a rocket stove cooking area. There are numerous hiking trails and walking paths for guests to explore on the property, each of which has a unique ambiance. Other amenities include colored pens, pencils, papers, and journals.


  • Queen-size bed
  • Running water
  • Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • Sink
  • Towels
  • Lounge/Living room
  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Picnic area
  • Heating
  • Deck/Patio
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Linens and pillows
  • Stove
  • Cooking basics
The property features four unique stone-outlined stations that have been strategically placed for guests to connect with nature and their own well being.

There are numerous hiking trails and walking paths for guests to explore on the property, each of which has a unique ambiance. One features a dry river bed enveloped by banks of 20 to 100 feet in height, another has outdoor durable twine for guests to create archways along trails and free-standing sculptures.

There is plenty of solar-sourced electricity to use for lights, appliances, and all media devices.

Guest Services

  • Breakfast
  • Spa
  • Bicycle rental
Delicious complimentary breakfast foods, including eggs, local vegetables, berries, croissants, sprouted bread, butter, local jam, and cheese varieties will be already stocked in the PleniSphere® Eco Dome™ for a leisurely cooking adventure in the fully equipped kitchen.

An impressive selection of extensive personal growth and self-pampering services are available on the property. For more information or to schedule a service, guests should book with the host. Here is an outline:

Optimal Body Fitness - this service involves finding the shortest amount of time you can spend a week to be the most fit you can possibly be. While the formula will vary depending on guests' unique history, typically 20-30 minutes utilized most efficiently once or twice a week will burn the most fat, build the most muscle, and increase your flexibility. Visitors will take home a routine custom-made for them. 90 minutes is $175.

Body Romance - self-image issues can block your ability to enjoy life and even to be healthy. Jealousy, comparison, criticism, guilt, and shame are all signs you are not being present in your body. Instead, experience your body today as a gift, and learn a new loving communication system within. 60-90 minutes. $125 - $185.

The Uncommon Body Makeover - imagine rich warm oils gliding over your skin at the speed of your lymph flow—that is, very, very slowly. Imagine your face and body infused with extra oxygen and natural aromas that will at once remove deep toxins and transport your senses. Your heartbeat, your brain pulse, and your thoughts will slow down and synchronize to these deeply calming lymphatic strokes. A Shimara® face mask is included so the youthening effect is complete. This exotic therapeutic treat is unique to this accommodation. 90 minutes is $175.

Body Wisdom: Muscle Testing - increase your confidence and self-knowledge by learning kinesiological muscle testing and/or the use of the pendulum. Both methods and other variations access the intelligence of your body to receive direct answers for your well being that bypass your rational brain. You can use this method to guide your nutritional needs, to clarify events, emotions, physical needs, and general questions for your life. The host has been using these skills since 1997 and has learned the most trustworthy map of framing questions for the most accurate answers. 90 minutes is $175.

Illness Regeneration - discover and use your body-mind connection. Transform a specific physical discomfort or dis-ease into better health by discovering and dissolving underlying psychological causes, and generating a new pattern of well being that will have a cumulative effect. 90 minutes, $185.

Shimara® Facial - Shimara® is an all natural minimalist skincare and makeup line produced on this land. Using only plants, minerals, and pure water guests will receive a rejuvenating and aromatic facial mask. Let yourself be guided in the inner journey to connect with your inner radiance. Complete with special moisturizers. Makeup application included as desired. 60 minutes, $85.

Inner Child Treat - your younger self has gifts for you to be unwrapped. The deeper your alliance with this part of yourself, the more comfort and success in your outer life. You can re-create your newfound friendship on your own every day afterwards. 60 minutes, $125.

Your Inner Male and Inner Female - your Anima and Animus are awaiting your appearance in their realm. In this guided journey, you will meet these powerful inner archetypes, help each of them develop to their next level, and clear blocks of communication between them. As a result, you will respond with greater mastery in your life situations.

Traveling Timelines - receive expert facilitation to connect with a past life, a parallel plane or any space-time dimension. Not only will you see, feel and remember more than you knew possible, you will have the power to heal an injury and change the outcome, so your present life can be smoother and freer. 60 minutes, $125.

Soul Vision - guided vision quest to enrich your inner and outer life. Utilizing the elements of nature, journaling, a stone wheel, meditation, conscious motion, and much more, become more deeply connected to your core being. Three hours, $250.

Pumping The Well - practice using your breath as a way to connect with your soul and an outcome. Your breath and your soul reside in a continuum. The breath is akin to a pump, and the well is your soul, where all qualities for your well being are indwelling. You can use this tool regularly afterwards to tap into specific attributes for your life. 60 minutes, $125

Creativity Gateway - utilize nature, motion, guided imagery, heart connection, and inner archetypes to burst through into a new level of creative self-expression in your work, life or personhood with freedom, confidence, and new skills. 60-90 minutes, $85.

Freedom From Trauma - all of us have experienced emotional trauma. Trauma is any experience that is greater than we can process at the time. As a result, the brain compartmentalizes or stores away that experience until such a time as we choose to resolve it. The result of compartmentalizations is PTSD, anxiety, depression, impulsivity, addictions and more. The Connection Method™ will access all parts of your brain where the stress is stored and digest it completely so there is no longer an emotional charge. Guests can choose one stressful event or emotion to resolve. 90 minutes, $185.

Your Mood In Good Order - there is a 40% chance you experience frequent anxiety and a 25% chance you experience frequent depression, according to national statistics for the USA. You don’t have to live with a mood disorder. The Connection Method™ will most quickly and safely access your whole brain including positive resource states, help you release the underlying cause of your dominant mood, and create a new baseline at a higher function. 90 minutes, $185.

Your Daily Brain Floss: Superhero Meditation - awaken inner calm, balanced blood pressure, release from cravings and dependencies, improved moods, mental clarity, unbounded creativity, expanded intelligence, social satisfaction, better grades, sports and job performance, and soul connection with this extraordinary daily meditation practice. This method is completely effortless and will swiftly take you into your most restful physiological and mental states. You will experience pure beingness beyond thought.

If you have been unable to meditate before or are unsatisfied with your practice, allow the host to take you to the next level. The host has been practicing meditation daily since 1975 and has researched at length myriads of methods, eastern and western, present and past. The host has combined their findings and direct experience with the most cutting-edge psychological and neurological research to provide guests with a concise supersonic highway to their total well being.

Your Daily Brain Floss is entirely free of any religious association, does not interfere with any other healthy practices, has no contraindications, can be practiced by children and adults under all stressful and medical conditions with great benefits.

Guests will meet three times to master this method; then take it home for a lifetime. This package includes three meetings with instruction and practice and a follow-up meeting. Training can take place in person or long distance over the phone or Skype, or a combination. 3 hours, $250.

Eco-Thriving - based on guests' most desirable lifestyle, the host will help visitors design their ideal dwelling environment and show them the quickest way to achieve it. We will outline guests' typical daily activities, from office to art to relaxation to cooking, relaxing and entertaining. We will identify your energy needs and your desired proximity with nature and ecological harmony. We will clarify your choices for simplicity, luxury or anything else, and draft a clear path to achieving this in the most financially cost-effective way. Guests can have it all, and so much sooner than they thought! 90 minutes, a written plan of action, and phone follow up. $185.

Four-Elements Immersion - start a profound, meaningful, and conscious conversation between you and water, air, fire, and earth. Beyond your brain’s knowledge of the elements so far, experience their unique gifts, feel how they benefit different areas of your life, and forge an intimacy that will sharpen your senses as you walk through modern life enriched. 90 minutes, $125.

Location + Surroundings

This secluded and private eco-friendly wilderness sanctuary is situated next to the majestic village of Pecos, New Mexico. Surrounded by Pecos National Historical Park and the Pecos River, this is the ideal spot for guests seeking a restorative retreat in nature. The Santa Fe National Forest is also just half an hour away by car. The area is rich with ancient Pueblo Indian history and features an abundance of outdoor recreational options. The Pueblo-style architecture, incredible dining options, and outstanding arts and culture scene in New Mexico's capital city Santa Fe can be enjoyed just 30 minutes away.


  • Biking
  • Meditation
  • Wildlife watching

This is the ideal retreat for guests seeking a restorative getaway in the serene ambiance of New Mexico's majestic landscape. The host provides an incredible selection of beauty and wellbeing services, meaning guests will not even need to leave the property for immense relaxation. This includes treats such as facials and body treatments, soul services, mood and meditation services, and nature workshops. Free services are described in detail below.

The property also features a plethora of nature trails and spiritual walks winding through the valley and up to high ridge tops overlooking Pecos National Historical Park. Guests can hike, bike, and even horseback ride their way through the beautiful piñon, juniper, and ponderosa pine woodlands of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The tranquil waters of the Pecos River are ideal for fishing. Fossils are visible in limestone outcrops along the river, and a variety of native birds and wildlife can often be spotted as well.

If guests need a break from the great outdoors, they can pop into downtown Pecos to browse for souvenirs at a local shop or indulge in the unparalleled regional cuisine. Santa Fe is a half-hour drive away and provides a diverse array of art galleries and markets, museums, historical sites, shopping, performing arts, and more.

Here is a list of complimentary services provided by the hosts.

Four Treasure Treats - when guests first arrive in this forest, four unique stations have been strategically placed for visitors to gently release their worldly garments and to quickly connect with exquisite inner silence and well being. As glampers approach each stone-outlined area they will discover a small treasure chest guiding them to a point of focus. Visitors can spend a few minutes or as long as they would like in each station. Each one progressively carries guests to the most soothing and uplifting places within themselves (180 square feet, 10-foot tall PleniSphere®).

PleniSphere® Pleasure - guests can relax and re-energize in this lofty round womb of cloth. Visitors will be amazed how this building affords them to feel as though they are outdoors immersed in nature while being protected from any harsh elements in a temperature controlled environment. There are colored pens, pencils, papers, and journals here for guests to play with as long as they would like. A feeling of timelessness takes over inside this unique architecture, hours can go by doing nothing, meditating and spontaneously gaining deep insights.

A Path With A Heart - visitors will enjoy a gently sloping, self-guided nature walk outlined by heart-shaped rocks culminating in an expansive view. Guests should use this path to become familiar with their geological surroundings, as well as to connect with their heart. The nature walk is approximately 10 minutes each way. There are chairs on top where guests can take in a gorgeous view of the Pecos National Forest.

The Happy Heart Awakening - this is a self-guided mini vision quest. Envisioning your life from your heart is powerful. Using nature as a friend and activator in processes is a dynamic way of bringing about effortless change. Guests will be given a booklet with interactive questions and activities for self-discovery. Visitors will receive inspiring answers as they stroll through both nature and their inner being.

Arroyo Explorer - if the earth opened up and let you in for a moment in a soft embrace... that is what it’s like as you enter this dry river bed enveloped by banks of 20 to 100 feet in height. Guests can meander, explore, rest, sit on a rock, or lie down on soft sands and hear the thick silence that surrounds them.

Wood Weaving - at once creative and practical, guests help establish a natural sculptured fence line by adding their artistic touch. With outdoor durable twine, visitors will tie the plentiful dry cedar, juniper, and pine in any way that inspires them. Glampers are also welcome to create archways along trails and free-standing sculptures!

Bold Adventurer - if guests have steady feet, they can climb to the other side of the arroyo for spectacular, sprawling 270-degree view of the sky, red mesas, sunsets, and the Pecos National Forest. Guests can watch the ravens and hawks flying over their domain. Visitors will feel like an eagle, all worldly affairs under their command.

Stepping Stone - guests can create steps along the banks of the arroyo to facilitate passage into and out of the arroyo. In an atmosphere of play and practice, guests will be shown just how it is done and will feel incredibly satisfied when they achieve a set of stairs that others will use for years to come. This activity is surprisingly easy and fast with a moderate physical effort.

Berms and Barriers - glampers will learn an advanced permaculture skill and how to terrace a mountainside. The banks of the arroyos have amazing southern exposure and are soft and easy to work with. Visitors can create long rows of mounds that collect rainwater, prevent erosion, and allow for bountiful planting. Level of physical effort: challenging!

Accommodation Rules

  • Check-in: 3:00 p.m.
  • Check-out: 11:00 a.m.
  • No smoking
  • No parties

Cancellation policy

Free cancellation up to 24 hours
Flexible: You will receive a full refund if you cancel 24 hours or more prior to check-in.

Additional Information

This is a non-smoking property.

Pets are not permitted anywhere on the property.

Alcohol, drugs, wheeled vehicles, and weapons are all strictly prohibited.

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