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Sonoma getaways: find the perfect Sonoma weekend getaway

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In search of the perfect Sonoma weekend getaways? With powerful aromas of redwood forests and subtle undertones of a pebbly Pacific coastline, Sonoma County in California is the quintessential weekend getaway tipple this year. With more than 400 wineries, it’s easy to find a glass of the good stuff here in Sonoma and if you fancy whetting your wine connoisseur appetite, there are daily vineyard and wine tasting tours for you to indulge in. This full-bodied getaway spot is replete with organic charm and striking scenery; strolling down the silky sands of Stinson Beach with the Pacific breeze enlivening the senses or hiking through Point Reyes National Seashore, peace and serenity infuse every inch of the beautiful Sonoma County. To shake things up, however, San Francisco Bay and Santa Rosa are also within a stone’s throw away, meaning a cocktail of culture and city adventure is never far away. Sonoma getaways are just around the corner. Check out these ideas for the ultimate Sonoma weekend getaway here! Sonoma Coast camping and much more is just a click away.

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