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The majestic glaciers, snow-covered peaks, untouched forests, and spectacular wildlife of Alaska are well worth visiting for any adventurous glamper. In many regions, Alaska remains almost untouched and filled to the brim with all the best that Mother Nature has to offer. And Fairbanks is the perfect base, as the most populous city in the state. Known as the "Golden Heat City", Fairbanks is famed for its hospitality, as well as the extraordinary nature close by. Come for the breathtaking Aurora Season (from August to April) - and Fairbanks is one of the best viewing sites because it is under the “Auroral Oval” where much of the aurora activity is concentrated. There's much more as well, whether you're interested in dog mushing, panning for gold, visiting a hot spring, Alaska igloo rentals, or the Arctic. What are you waiting for? Stay at the best cabins in Fairbanks, Alaska and escape the hustle and bustle.

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