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Alaska is a U.S. state that few are lucky enough to get to visit in their lifetime. If you are considering a vacation to Alaska, we can only say one thing—go. Visit Alaska! Glamping is a terrific way to tour Alaska, with vacation rentals near all the top places to visit and unbeatable outdoor access to national parks, mountain ranges, wild rivers, the ocean, and more. After only a few days of camping in Alaska, you will have fallen totally in love. Plan a glamping Alaska vacation and pick from travel destinations like Fairbanks, Talkeetna, Seward, and Kenai for the most inspiring vacations; climb Mount Denali, North America’s tallest mountain or stay up late watching the Northern Lights of Alaska, anything and everything is possible when you travel to Alaska. Tours, guided hikes, fishing trips, and more make up our selection of Alaska vacation packages; Glamping Hub hosts in Alaska offer a wide variety of facilities, amenities, and activities to accompany their amazing Alaska lodging options. Browse our list of top Alaska trips, from Talkeetna lodging to Denali cabins, and book yours today! Pick an Alaska fishing lodge and spend the week with world-class rainbow trout and salmon; find a private camping Alaska campground and hike Kenai Fjords National Park; and so much more, with Glamping Hub! Forget about Alaska hotels, go glamping and discover Alaska’s wild side. Find the best Alaska travel packages here.

Things to do in Alaska & national park camping

There are so many things to do in Alaska, it might be hard to fit it all in one trip. Alaska is home to several national parks: Kenai Fjords, Wrangell St.-Elias, Denali National Park, Katmai, and Glacier Bay Preserve, to name only a few. Alaska’s national parks are home to diverse landscapes and wildlife, but are not the only place to spot bears, elk, eagles, and more. You can also add hiking, biking, fishing, and climbing to your list of summer activities in Alaska, with national park camping. You will probably pass through some of Alaska’s cities, as they are the easiest accessible travel hubs, like Anchorage, in Alaska. But don’t let the different things to do in Anchorage or things to do in Juneau distract you from the real highlights and places to visit in Alaska. Alaska’s backcountry offers unique outdoor experiences, with trail systems that wind through state and national parks. There are trails for all ages and abilities, from easy nature paths to challenging mountain summits, with everything in between. Or get to know Alaska’s waters and discover some of the most spectacular freshwater, saltwater, and fly-fishing in the world! Alaska is home to over three million lakes, 12,000 rivers, and thousands of more fish-filled streams. Of course, come winter, summer greens turn to icy whites and a whole new host of activities is possible. Dog sledding or dog mushing, cross-country skiing, the aurora borealis, and more, entice visitors each year to come and brave Alaska’s cold winter temperatures. Regardless of the season that you decide to visit, you can rest assured our selection of Alaska cabin rentals and more will keep you comfortable!

Best time to visit Alaska

So you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Alaska? It all depends on what kind of vacation you want! Alaska’s Northern Lights, for example, are visible from late August through April. Summer in Alaska, May through September, is dry and temperate, with average temperatures around 70°F (21°C). Summer in Alaska also sees lots of daylight hours, with more sun in a day the farther north you move. In Fairbanks, there are nearly 22 hours of daylight in summer. Starting in August and September, temperatures start to cool and winter has settled in by October. Coastal areas in Alaska are more temperate, with winter temperatures around 20°F (-6°C); however in the interior, temperatures fall much lower, sometimes dipping below -20°F (-29°C). Though you might decide to stay in a yurt, Alaska won't be able to breach its luxury lining and you'll stay safe and warm.