Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful resort area of California, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s known for nearby ski resorts and beaches, such as El Dorado Beach. It is an extremely popular location for travelers who enjoy the outdoors and are looking to connect with nature, taking part in the many wonderful activities the area has to offer. With so many wonderful glamping accommodations within this area and nearby it is the perfect place to plan your glamping vacation. From cabins to treehouse to safari tents, Lake Tahoe has it all. Emerald Bay State Park is extremely nearby, just to the west of the lake and includes the famous Vikingsholm, a 1929 Nordic-style mansion. For those who enjoy hiking this area has exquisite trails to choose from and for water lovers, Lake Tahoe is world famous for its beautiful waters and stunning vistas. So why not book a glamping stay here today!