Sutter County

Sutter County is tucked away in Northern California, and it’s bordered by Sacramento River to the west and Feather River to the east. Along with that, Sutter County also boasts part of the Butte Sink National Wildlife Refuge, as well as the Sutter National Wildlife Refuge. These beautiful pieces of the area are exactly why glamping in Sutter County makes perfect sense. Luxury camping in Sutter County allows you to sit back, relax, and truly enjoy your surroundings. It allows you to spend your days hiking, cycling, or discovering such gems as the Sutter Buttes, which are known as the “World’s Smallest Mountain Range,” and is actually a volcanic formation. After a day of exploring your surroundings and soaking up the great outdoors, retreat to your luxury accommodation—maybe it’s a unique yurt, a luxury tent, or a modern cabin—and let your hair down with a warm bath, a bottle of wine on the front porch, or a simple home-cooked meal with loved ones. This is what it means to go glamping in Sutter County.