Yuba County

Glamping in Yuba County is a fantastic way to dive into this Northern California county located in Central Valley and along the Feather River. Yuba County boasts incredible opportunities for superb birdwatching, hunting, fly-fishing, hiking, biking, and simply soaking up its natural beauty. While luxury camping in Yuba County, explore the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, have fun at Collins Lake, or visit Bullard’s Bar Reservoir, which boasts California’s second largest dam. If outdoors adventure isn’t quite your style, don’t rule out glamping in Yuba County just yet. This area also happens to be one of the finest olive oil making regions in North America, and your perfect plan might involve a lovely olive oil tasting following by a tour of the olive groves, some cooking classes, and a cozy night back at your luxury glamping accommodation. As you can see, glamping in Yuba County can play out however you want it to.