Thurston County

Thurston County is located in southwestern region of the state of Washington at the base of the Puget Sound near the Olympic Peninsula. This part of Washington is filled with lakes and various other bodies of water, making glamping in Thurston County a fisherman’s—or a boating or water sports aficionado’s—paradise. The county’s two major cities are Olympia, the capital of the state, and Rainier, known for Mount Rainier National Park. If you’re luxury camping in Thurston County with little ones, the Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia in a must-see, though glampers should also take the time to visit the Washington State Capitol, Nisqually Reach Nature Center, Percival Landing, and Priest Point Park. While in Rainier at the Mount Rainier National Park, hike up the mountain if you’re feeling adventurous, but be sure to head out along the Skyline Trail, through Paradise Valley, and among the Grove of the Patriarchs.