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Europe is best known for its palaces, churches and museums, which attract over 476 million tourists each year. Along with these precious remnants of the past, Europe's long history of thriving agricultural civilizations has left behind an environment much affected by the presence and activities of man. Amazingly, over one-quarter of Europe's land mass is still forested, and stringent efforts have been taken to protect its remaining wildlife. Nature lovers can enjoy the 10,000+ campgrounds that the region has to offer, and there are a plethora of glamping sites that combine a high standard of comfort with true sense of backwoods camping. Glamping is so much better than a stay at a regular campsite! Europe boasts gorgeous soaring tree houses, lakeside yurts, and authentic tipi retreats. Mountain bungalows, and luxurious canvas cabins have also found homes in Europe's countryside, and are now simply waiting for new glampers to discover them. For the best luxury camping, Europe has a plethora of locations to choose from. Glamping Hub can help you find exactly what you need. Find the perfect holiday rental in a European camping site; Europe is waiting for you! You're only a few clicks away from your next fantastic glamping getaway - so don't compromise when it comes to your own vacations and make sure you come to enjoy the best European camping holidays we can offer today!

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