Rustic Navajo Hogan Rental for Five at Adventure Camp in Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah (Estados Unidos)

Rustic Navajo Hogan Rental for Five at Adventure Camp in Moab, Utah

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This rustic Navajo Hogan rental is located at an adventure camp in Moab, Utah, and can accommodate up to five guests. There are five mattresses on the floor that are provided for sleeping arrangements. Wi-Fi, and heating are provided, and there is free parking on-site for guests.

The accommodation is pet-friendly.


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Guests of the unique Navajo Hogan accommodations will have shared access to a small building in between them that has a toilet, sink, and outdoor enclosed shower.

For those who want to make the drive, about a mile away (10 minutes), guests can make their way over to the main lodge to use the kitchen and take advantage of the huge library of CDs, DVDs, and books.

Servicios adicionales

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Weddings, family reunions, corporate retreats, are all welcome. Please inquire with the host for more information.


This property is the ultimate adventure lodge. Located 17 miles from Moab on a mostly dirt road. It's only 17 miles but it will take an hour. Guests don't normally need four-wheel drive to get here but some ground clearance would help. If height is an issue, there will be lots of issues driving up and down Hurrah Pass on the journey to Base Camp. There are unlimited hikes on and from the property. Dinosaur tracks, fossils, all types of geology, petrified wood, critters of all kinds to include, fox, ringtail, spotted skunk, badger, raccoon, mule deer, big horn sheep, and a nearly 200 pound African Spur tortoise that lives here.

The day views are tremendous and the night sky unbelievable. Most of the critters mentioned come to the porch to eat and there are hundreds of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks that do also. Close by there are mines, caves, springs, pottery sherds, arrowhead flakes, petroglyphs, abandoned oil well, and long forgotten structures.

It is not Arches, Canyonlands, Bear Ears, or Dead Horse State Park. Yes, there are arches, balanced rocks, hikes with incredible canyon views, and almost everything guests could imagine and more. The one thing guests won't find that all those places have are the crowds. There are five rooms at this property and six next door at Last Hurrah and even if completely full that's still generally less than 20 or 30 across this huge landscape versus the hundreds or thousands at the parks.

Guests who want to spend time at the parks should probably visit them before they drive out or after checking out of this property. Those who want to experience the night sky with more stars than ever known, see critters in their natural environment, put their feet on grounds that may have never been walked on before, and maybe get their hands a little dirty, exploring this incredible landscape is just the place.

There is not a day that the host does not wake up and know what a special place this is. It's amazing and the host is happy to share it.


  • Natación
  • Paseo en barco/velero
  • Pesca
  • Observación de aves
  • Cuidado de animales
  • Deportes acuáticos
  • Kayak/piragüismo
  • Escalada
  • Quads/todoterreno

Hikes include Land of the Skinny People, millions of years old maize, Three Fingers, Two Trains where guests will look down from both sides of Hurrah Pass, Three Guys on a Roller Coaster with perhaps the strangest rock glampers will ever see. Guests can enjoy the Wind Caves, 30 or so caves that are linked together, The Big Horn Trail, Boulder Canyon, Geode Heaven, The Rock Garden, and so much more.

Kayak by carrying kayaks down to the beach (about two minutes) and then kayak around the island which usually takes 45-minute to an hour. Looking for something longer? Once a week the host will go to town for groceries and errands. With some notice, the host will happily drop guests off just before town and glampers can take the four-hour kayak back to get back, just a lazy spectacular float through the canyons.

Kobae, the property's security tortoise frequently hangs out on the porch but he loves to hike also. If he heads off to go exploring and guests would like to go with him, they are more than welcome to. Take a book and some water. He only does about a mile an hour but he does three to five miles most days and he's done as many as eight to ten. The hosts will offer guests a walkie-talkie and when guests tire out, someone else or the host can take over.

This property offers up a disc golf course with a fearsome reputation. There was a time when this property was ranked as one of the three most extreme courses in the world tied with Antarctic and Iraq.
In the late afternoon, I feed a hundred or more white-tailed antelope squirrels, rock squirrels, Colorado chipmunks, and a large variety of songbirds.

With darkness, the little animals come to visit from the canyons and the river. Regularly there are eight gray foxes that come for their hot dogs and some nights up to 11. Three to seven ringtails in the rafters. The host puts hot dogs on marsh mellow sticks and they'll come down and get them. There are four spotted skunks that were born and grew up here who like cat food and hot dogs. Some of them, guests can pet. It's important to know which ones guests can't. Two years ago, there were two raccoons. Last year, they had seven babies. This year, there are eight adults and 15 babies. It's crowded on the porch, guests are asked to beware no to step on any.

There is a badger on the property, but he has some attitude issues and we mostly leave him alone. A few times a year a mountain lion will come down to visit, generally, take a deer or big horn and then head back up the anticline. When guests go outside to feed the critters and nobody shows up to get their hot dog, glampers will know the mountain lion is here. Everybody wants a hot dog. Nobody wants to be the hot dog.

Take a side by side out to Chicken Corner. It's the end of the road but not the end of the trail. There's a trail that goes around the corner. It's not for everybody. A couple feet wide and several hundred feet straight down. But, if guests do walk around, what a view on the other side.

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Información adicional

Pets are welcome. Dogs may run down to the river and play in the mud and water. The host expects guests keep pets out of the Hogan until he/she is clean and ready. There are hundreds of critters that come to the porch to eat and live here year-round. Guests are asked to keep their dog from chasing and harassing them.

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