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Visit Arizona: glamping getaways

Welcome to Arizona! A southwestern state in the U.S., Arizona is best known for the Grand Canyon. But really, Arizona is a land made for road trips, with so much to see and so much land to cover! Follow Route 66 through Flagstaff, drive through Jerome and see Arizona’s mines, visit the mesa-top Hopi villages that date back thousands of years, and of course, the showstoppers like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Cathedral Rock, or Sedona. These colorful outdoor destinations that characterize Arizona leave a lasting impression and will surely have you recounting your tales to friends and family. Visit Arizona and go glamping to get up close and personal with Arizona’s outdoor places and spaces. With unbeatable outdoor access, our glamping accommodations get you to the heart of the Grand Canyon, around the corner from Horseshoe Bend, trekking Antelope Canyon, hiking in the national forests, and rafting the Colorado River. So forget about staying in the cities, Prescott hotels and the likes of hotels in Flagstaff, Arizona, go glamping in Arizona! Find the perfect rental in AZ for your Arizona vacations. Keep reading to find out about all the amazingly different things to do in Arizona when you go glamping! Arizona awaits!

Things to do in Arizona outdoors

Glamping in Arizona means you can get a front and center seat to Mother Nature’s show. The regalness of the Grand Canyon, Arizona's saguaro-dotted deserts of Tuscon, the ancient red rocks of Sedona, these ancient beauties of Arizona’s wild landscape remind us of the enduring power the outdoors holds over us and the true inspiration man can draw from the landscapes that surround us.

In the southwest of the United States, Arizona’s landscape is dominated by deserts and canyons, with some forests and even a few ski mountains in the center. No trip to Arizona would be complete without stopping in Sedona. The red rocks will truly take your breath away and the views are worth waking up for a sunrise hike. Popular hikes in Sedona include the Cathedral Rock Hike, the Doe Mountain Trail, Fay Canyon, Boynton Canyon, and Devil’s Bridge Trail, to name a few. And what would be a write up of Arizona without the Grand Canyon? One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is easily accessible. Here you can hike, ride a mule, take a helicopter tour, or raft the Colorado River. Truly, Grand Canyon rafting is one of our favorite things to do in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is where you can find the famous North Rim, hikes like the Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge or Skeleton Point, Havasu Falls, and many more stunning hikes and vantage points. Head north to visit Horseshoe Bend, a famous hairpin turn of the Colorado River as it winds its way to the Grand Canyon. Glamping & the Grand Canyon go hand in hand!

Monument Valley is another southwestern icon. The contrast of the barren landscape and the rock formations jutting skyward is quite stark and Monument Valley’s epic beauty cannot be understated. The last major desert landmark to make sure you visit would be Antelope Canyon. East of the town of Page, Antelope Canyon is a symphony of shapes and colors, textures and spaces where wind and water have carved through the sandstone over centuries. There is so much more to see and do in Arizona, there is no way we could cover it all. From the Spanish-colonial architecture of Tucson to stargazing at Mount Graham International Observatory, luxury Mesa vacations, Chiricahua National Monument, Route 66, Tonto National'll just have to go glamping more than once to see it all! From camping in Sedona to weekend getaways from Tuscon, you can find it all here.

Arizona weather

Arizona’s weather is mild, with temperate seasons all year long and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. December through March are popular times for exploring the cities, deserts, and national parks in the southern half of the state. Summers in the south are extremely hot, while the north has milder temperatures, making the Grand Canyon a popular summer destination. Summers in Arizona have lows around 65°F and highs above 100°F, and winters are cold with lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s. The Sedona International Film Festival is in late February and the Phoenix Open (golf) runs from late January to early February. So what are you waiting for? Go luxury camping in Arizona with the best yurts, Arizona cabin rentals, and more, here!