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Beautiful Tree House for a Romantic Getaway on a Farm near Chattanooga Valley, Georgia
Tiny Eco Friendly Modern Shipping Container Unit 1
Atlanta, Georgia (Estados Unidos)
Dog-Friendly Cabin with Great Amenities and Hot Tub in Ellijay, Georgia

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Neighboring Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and the Atlantic Ocean, Georgia forms part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian system. It’s one of the original seven Confederate states and is nicknamed the Peach State and the Empire State of the South. Adopted back in 1776, “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation” still stands as the state’s motto and was originally associated with the virtues of the government at the time. Atlanta is Georgia’s capital and most populous city and is home to the largest aquarium in the world. Go glamping in Georgia this weekend; from cabins to tree houses, safari tents to yurt camping, Georgia has it all!

Top places to go in Georgia

Georgia (GA) is home to 47 state parks that offer plenty of recreation opportunities and outdoor adventures—from rafting or kayaking on the Chattahoochee River to hiking the Appalachian Trail. The Cumberland Island National Seashore remains well-conserved and its beaches are a true delight. Stone Mountain Park offers a wide variety of activities for families, as well as many natural and historic sites. And when you go glamping, pick from the best yurts in Georgia, cabins, tree houses, and more! Book the best camping in Georgia today!

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So what is the Georgia weather like and when is the best time to travel? Georgia’s humid subtropical climate features mild winters, pleasant springs, hot summers, and significant rainfall. Higher elevations present the coldest average temperatures, while the southern regions register the hottest ones. Spring and summer temperatures range from 70 to 90° Fahrenheit, and sporadic thunderstorms may provide some rainfall. Winters are mild, but temperatures vary throughout the state: the lower regions have average highs of 50° F, while the mountainous regions see snowfall in the north and can reach lows of 20° F. So check your calendar and book your glamping Georgia vacations today! No matter the temperature, luxury camping in Georgia is a great way to get outdoors.