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Oregon Coast is probably one of the top destinations in the Pacific Northwest, and it is a great location for a summer vacation. However, if you are looking for a more secluded scenario to enjoy some freshwater fun, these lakes in Oregon are what you seek. Most of Oregon's lakeshore lies in the Cascade Range which extends from BC to California. There, the glaciers and snow capped peaks, provide an unceasing water supply that pours down into streams, rivers, and waterfalls that flow into the most magnificent lakes. So when it comes to lake camping, Oregon is where you should go to. If you are visiting with your family, and are looking for places to go with the kids, head to Diamond Lake, Trillium Lake, Detroit or Toketee Lake, all of them offer superb landscapes and impressive views, as well as great water activities for everyone. The more adventurous head to Wallowa Lake as it is the gateway to Hell's Canyon, North America’s deepest river canyon. And those looking for a peaceful retreat will find Little Crater Lake ideal. Next time you are wondering where to spend a vacation near the water, visit Oregon's lakes and enjoy the best lake camping getaways. Find the best lake rentals here, and book yours today!

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