A Glamping Babymoon

By Katie Stearns

Honeymoons, move over—there’s a new celebration trend popping up all over the nation, and it’s called the babymoon. If you’re as confused as we were when we first heard this, let us break it down for you. A babymoon is a couple’s last hoorah (at least for a while, anyway) before their new baby comes – a little getaway to celebrate life as two before life becomes a family of three.

Really, the concept of a babymoon makes total sense. It’s the perfect moment to let yourself disconnect, relax and soak up some stunning surroundings. Your babymoon should be romantic, relaxing and comfortable. Your babymoon should be luxurious. Your babymoon should be intimate, quiet and bring you and your partner a little piece of Zen. And that’s why you should spoil yourself silly – relax in a hammock overlooking the lush rainforest, hide away within the hills of Chile or fall asleep under the stars in a beachside cabin. This is your time to slow it down and savor the steps you’ve taken so far.

And that’s precisely why we’ve come up with this list of the best babymoon destinations. From the sandy coastline of Mexico to the exotic jungle of Costa Rica, this list will carry you to the babymoon destination of your dreams. Luxury, serenity, stunning views and relaxation–these babymoon destinations have it all.

Sand Floored Beach Huts on Isla Holbox of Mexico

Is there anything more luxurious than stepping out of bed and directly digging your toes into the sand? We think not. These sand-floored beach huts on Isla Holbox in Mexico take ‘prime location’ to the next level. You’ll basically be sleeping right on the beach while being romantically tucked away in your very own high-end hut.

Exotic Suites on Coast of Bahia, Brazil

There are few things more exciting than escaping to the Brazilian rainforest with its lush plant life and splendid surroundings. With this particular property, you’ll be intertwined right into local Brazilian life. So take in the Brazilian countryside, walk to the nearby beach, lounge around in the garden of hibiscus and alpine flowers or soak up some sun by the pool. Everything about this babymoon destination says comfort, luxury and complete relaxation.

Relaxing Bungalows on Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

This property is a secluded gem on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Because it’s off the beaten track, expect a beautifully tropically preserved paradise and one of Costa Rica’s most stunning beaches – the perfect spot to get cozy with your loved one. The incredibly comfortable bungalows are made from almond wood and decorated with local art. They are wide-open to nature with open-air rooms and overflowing gardens. Stay here and expect a view of the ocean from your bungalow and the kind of luxury service you’d find in a five-star hotel.

Beautiful Bungalows Where Rainforest Kisses Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica

Built 350 feet above sea level, these beautiful Costa Rican bungalows are right where the tropical forest meets the ocean, offering stunning views of the water. Picture it now: You and your special one tucked away in your own private bungalow where you’ll have a luxurious bed draped in soft white nets, natural bamboo furnishings and an amazingly remodeled bathroom with a dual shower – one side with a stone-laid floor and a cool shower to emulate the effect of showering beneath a waterfall, and the other side with a more traditional shower with solar heated hot water. Forget about a boring old hotel babymoon and do something adventurous like venturing to Costa Rica, experiencing the exotic rainforest, taking a dip in the Pacific Ocean, and snuggling close to your loved one in these perfectly intimate bungalows.

Luxury Safari Tents Tucked in Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

These luxury safari tents are in a wonderfully scenic area of the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, on the northern tip of Santa Cruz Island. You’ll wake up to incredible views of the Pacific Ocean spotted with other islands, and because the camp itself is situated on the edge of a national park, you’ll be surrounded by an amazing plethora of bird and tree species. All in all, these luxury tents combine comfort, style and nature, making for the perfect babymoon destination. You can lounge on your large balcony on your very own hammock while taking in the views, spend the night by the outdoor fireplace while you watch the stars or even try a (virgin!) mojito made from mint picked right onsite. Of course no babymoon getaway would be complete without a swimming pool, and the on-site infinity pool tucked amidst a forest of native trees is the perfect place for an afternoon (or two!) of completely uninterrupted relaxation.

Luxury Beachfront Palm-Thatched Floating Cabins in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

These elegantly designed cabins in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, have everything babymooners are looking for – comfort, style and luxury all wrapped into one. These spacious cabins are right on the beach, and you’ll have incredible views of the Pacific Ocean right from your very own terrace. You can spend your babymoon in Mexico walking up and down the beautiful beach, relaxing in your very own hammock or simply soaking up your surroundings. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your babymoon the way its meant to be—in style and comfortably cozied up next to your loved one.