The Wellness Essentials We Recommend For Self-Care In 2021

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Every year, we get more and more conscious of just how important it is to take care of ourselves—both physically and mentally—and the planet we inhabit, as well as how to continually improve at doing so. This year, we’ve got a couple of superb product suggestions and wellness essentials that will help you carry on bettering your health and self-care in 2021.

The best eco-friendly products, 2021: grab your reusable straws and start living sustainably

2018 was the year we saw the world start to take a hard stance on not using plastic products, be it bags in the grocery store or straws in our drinks at restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. To start the new year out on the right foot, make way for reusable items in your house, starting easy with cloth grocery bags and stainless steel straws, some easy wellness essentials to incorporate into your day-to-day.

The benefits of reusable straws include everything from preventing the innocent deaths of marine animals, as garbage is often thrown in the ocean and straws are often mistaken for food, to safer for human use, due to the fact that stainless steel doesn’t let off harmful chemicals. They really are some of the best eco-friendly products 2021 could offer this year.

There are even specialized reusable straws available now, like the Koffie Straw, which helps keep your pearly whites glistening and stain-free while still allowing you to get your caffeine intake.

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Ways to protect the environment in 2021: do your part with reusable water bottles

If you haven’t jumped on the reusable water bottle hype yet, this is another eco-friendly product that will come in handy 24/7—no matter whether you’re at work, at the gym, in the car, or on a hike. There are many options on the market these days, but one of the latest is the Astrea bottle, which has a built-in filter.

As one of the easiest ways to protect the environment in 2021, why wouldn’t you?

What’s more? It’s the only bottle certified to NSF53 standards to reduce lead. The importance of not only drinking water but drinking quality water, is entirely underestimated.

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“City water is chlorinated to remove pathogens and disinfect the water. Chlorine is a skin irritant (consider mounting a shower filter if you suffer from eczema or dry skin), pro-oxidant, and destroyer of friendly microflora and stomach acid. When our friendly microflora are wiped out, we can suffer from bloating and slower digestion, and when our stomach isn’t able to produce as much stomach acid and enzymes as it should, digestion can become downright uncomfortable.”

Look after number one—you! Stay relaxed in 2021 with the best massage device on the market

Being able to look after number one first and foremost can be an invaluable trait in life. Self care comes in many ways, shapes, and forms—for some people, that’s a face mask and a bubble bath; for others, it’s a nice meal out once a week.

Focusing on how to externally keep our bodies happy, the rising popularity of new technology, such as the Theragun, is sure to gain even more loyal fans in 2021 with arguably the best massage device on the market. This unique, hand-held massager, loved by athletes and celebrities alike, is essentially a portable chiropractor—in fact, it was created by one! Thanks to its manageable size, this is a great investment that can be used both at home and on vacation.

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Take your vitamins every day the right way in 2021 and don’t underestimate the importance of fitness and wellness essentials!

Diving inside the body, the vitamin company, Care Of blew up on social media this year, with major celebrities, like Queer Eye’s hair and skin guru Jonathan Van Ness, singing the company’s praises. So what’s so special about vitamins and why might you want to take your vitamins personalized to your goals every day, you ask?

The company creates personalized daily vitamin packs for you based on a quiz you take, where you answer some simple questions about your goals, lifestyle, and values. They then suggest for you the perfect combination of vitamins and supplements, which you can adjust as you please, and voilà! All you have to do is sit and wait for your vitamins to arrive at your front door—perfectly formulated with the only the highest quality of ingredients to kick start your 2021 with. The importance of fitness and wellness isn’t taken for granted in the slightest at Care Of. 

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Keep in mind the benefits of herbal medicine and add to your wellness essentials this year

With the number of products, workout classes, and lifestyle changes that have and will become available to use, we could write a novel or two about it. However this is the wellness essentials list and we’ll just leave you with one final option to look into for now—the benefits of herbal medicine.

From blog to business, Organic Olivia rose in popularity in 2018, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for 2021. What started as her providing herbal remedies, backed up with extensive research, on her blog and social media, has turned into a full range of tinctures, probiotics, and more—all of which have an army of happy, and now healthy, clients shouting from the digital rooftops about how wonderful they now feel, thanks to these products.

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For those unfamiliar with tinctures, tinctures are essentially extracts, which are made by steeping an herb in alcohol to draw out its medicinal properties. Dating as far back as to when the first alcohol was ever distilled, these wellness essentials were first used by the ancient Egyptians but didn’t become common in Europe until the 1400s. Though they waned in popularity with the rise of Western medicine, they’ve come back on the health and wellness scene in recent years, due to a (continuing) rise in interest in herbal and Eastern medicine.

How else will you be improving your health and wellness in 2019? Let us know on social media!

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