5 Reasons Why a Travel Gift Card is the Perfect Christmas Gift for 2021

5 Reason why a travel gift card is the best christmas present for 2020

Christmas shopping is already well underway, and some people might have already finished it! But, for those of you who still need to get the last few bits, and are stuck for ideas, here are 5 reasons why a travel gift card is the perfect Christmas present this year!

Christmas Present 2020

1. People want to receive gift cards!

Gift cards are sometimes thought of as the last-minute, less thoughtful option for a Christmas present, but actually, gift cards are the most wanted present this year! 56% of people surveyed by the National Retail Federation want to receive a gift card for Christmas 2021. So, there is no need to feel guilty that your travel gift card is not as good as a new purse, or the latest smartwatch. With a travel gift card, you are gifting an adventure!

2. It’s the perfect last mintue holiday gift.

With a Glamping Hub Gift Card, you can choose to send it to yourself first, or you can send it directly to the recipient, simply choose the amount you’d like to give, pick from the color gift card you’d like, and purchase. Quick and easy to buy and to receive. Plus, you’re giving something that travel lovers actually want – money or credit to go towards their next vacation.

3. It could be a great family or group present!

Every year the list of who you need to buy presents for seems to get longer. That means you end up looking for cheap, 2 for 1 deals on the latest aftershave, or socks and pajama combinations, making impulse purchases on gifts that actually you don´t really love, and you´re not sure the person receiving it will either.

What about buying a travel gift card as a joint present? Rather than spending $20-$50 on each person of your family or extended family, why not buy a present for the whole group to enjoy. This way you won’t go over your budget and it goes towards an adventure next year that will create memories of a lifetime.

4. It´s thoughtful and personalized!

Even though a travel gift card is still a gift card, it´s more personalized than others. Travel gift cards are a fantastic way for you to give someone a gift that is unique and personalized because they can choose from thousands of destinations. When people start planning their trips, a huge part of their decision is the budget.

By contributing via a gift card, you might make the difference between a 3* trip and a 5* trip. Your recipient can add the extra you give them to their overall budget. That $75 you gave through a travel gift card, means they can spend an extra $75 on an amazing wine tour, kayaking tour, or an evening out, which is much more personalized than the average retail gift card.

5. It helps small businesses!

By buying a travel gift card, you are not only helping the travel agency, or booking platform, you are actually helping each of the hosts on those websites. Each runs its own small business through their properties listed on those sites.

Our hosts take incredible care of their properties and guests, and for many, it is not just a second income. A lot of our hosts use their glamping properties as their main source of income and have ambitions to create more spaces for guests to enjoy, or introduce new features. When you gift a travel gift card, and a person uses that for their booking, it supports the small business owners as they receive revenue directly from your booking. Additionally, when you travel, you normally visit local attractions, eateries, shops, and other local organizations, helping to bring business to other parts of the community. 

A chance to try Glamping!

There are a lot of other reasons as to why a travel gift card is the best option for a Holiday gift this year, but hopefully, this has introduced you to a few.

Glamping Hub Gift Cards are available now if you are looking for an exciting travel gift card. Glamping is the most popular way to travel at the moment as it offers local, secluded and outdoor options, and is something that everyone can enjoy! Giving a Glamping Hub Gift Card is the perfect gift for friends or loved ones whose trip may have been postponed, or who are looking for a way to relax and disconnect after this crazy year.

If you´re looking for some travel inspiration, check out our incredible travel guides or the latest travel trends!

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