Amazing Airstream Campsites at the Best Places to go Camping in the US

A luxury airstream rental at US campgrounds

Nothing beats camping. Well, we say nothing beats camping, but realistically it can get better when you’re able to do it all on the move without having to pitch up a tent every time you want to settle down for the night. That’s where the humble Airstream comes in, a retro-type motorhome that is popular across the US and even in Europe and other parts of the world for its iconic rounded shape and aluminum, reflective body. With these great rentals, glampers can enjoy the best places to go camping in the US whilst on the road at Airstream campsites. So to give you some insight into what you can choose to enjoy during your next glamping getaways in the US, we’ve got some recommendations of places that you can see when you choose to go road-tripping across America in search of the best sites to enjoy!

An Airstream vacation rental at one of the best places to go camping in the US

When was Airstream founded? A Short History of Motorhomes and the Beginning of Camping Getaways in the US

Arguably the mother of the American Motorhome, the Airstream dates back to the 1920s when the first models were being constructed in Las Vegas. The history of motorhomes dates back further, but these were surely a seminal and lasting model that was a favorite for many Americans, just look at the number of Airstream Campsites and other enthusiasts that are still enjoying this lasting model, with its many iterations. So when was Airstream founded? As the founder, Wally Byam began constructing these in Oregon in his spare time to help his wife enjoy the camping experience a bit more, he found himself building more and more for other people before it became a commercial success in the 1930s. As the success continued in an upward trajectory, it hit an unfortunate halt during the events of World War II, but came out of the other side, unlike many other competitors in the industry. The rest, as they say, is history as the company continued upwards and onwards.

One of the amazing airstream campsites and best RV parks in the US

Enjoy National Forest Camping at these Places to go Camping in the US with Airstream Rentals

So how to enjoy yourself when you choose one of the best Airstream rentals? Check out places to go National Forest camping – these are naturally some of the best options to look to when you want to go camping. There’s everything available to you when you hit the woods, from amazing natural scenery in 360 degrees to where you can enjoy quiet moments in nature, but all of these are different in flavor, depending on the state and the climate. Redwood National Park in Northern California is one such example, with the ancient redwoods here preserving some of the planet’s oldest wildlife and also serving as a truly tranquil haven, with the trees shooting up into the canopy, creating a dramatic sight for those who look upwards in their own Airstream campsites.

For other places to go camping in the US in National Forest, North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest offers a different experience altogether, with the dark and luscious dense woodland found on the east coast, as opposed to the drier climate in California. Cascading rivers and waterfalls occur throughout this mysterious destination for those looking for a luxury Airstream rental to enjoy their time at US campgrounds throughout the nation. As you make your way through this destination, stop at any of the rest stops to enjoy a quaint picnic or quick break to enjoy the sights and sounds. Cherokee National Forest is another option, this time in the southern state of Tennessee, with plenty of room to park up in an Airstream vacation rental to enjoy the more mountainous terrain here, with dramatic views of rocky cliff faces and the raging rapids that course through this destination.

A woman in a hammock next to a luxury airstream rental

Amazing US Coastal Vacations from your own Airstream Vacation Rental at Bar Harbor, Maine, and more!

If you’re the type of person that feels an affinity for the sea, then find Airstream campgrounds at incredible spots for US coastal vacations. One such place is here at Bar Harbor, Maine, along the northeastern coast set into one of the many islands connected to the mainland by a bridge, you can enjoy a New England getaway, with its milder climate, craggy coastlines, and calm waters of the Atlantic Sea sitting in the bay. Its strengths are in its quaintness and the different activities available to glampers who make the journey here. Cannon Beach, Oregon is another selection back on the west coast, the sandy beach here is punctuated by large, towering rocks along the shore and is perfect for a stroll beside the ocean whilst exploring and seeing the sights of Oregon’s famous coast. The sound of the waves rolling in and the wet sand underfoot is a feeling of pure tranquility.

Finally, pay a visit to a lesser-appreciated spot with the most spectacular Tybee Island, Georgia. Check into some of the best RV Parks in the US when you come here with your own Airstream rental, ready to kick back and enjoy the antiquated pier and beach. This is a picture of relaxation for those in search of it – the southeast usually only gets love for those visiting Florida, but there’s much more to be considered if you’re making the journey here with other hidden gems like this at Tybee Island. The best Airstream campsites are found up and down the country, but you’ll never know until you test them out for yourself!

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