7 Winter Camping Must-Haves: Amenities You Want in 2023

A outdoor hot tub with mountain views.

Winter is one of those seasons that people either love or loathe. When autumn comes to a close, winter lovers are unpacking their parkas, thermals, and ski gear, ready for another fun-filled winter season. When it comes to outdoor adventure even those who are partial to the cold will admit that roughing it in December and January can be, well….a bit rough. There are a few things that can make any winter vacation feel like a five-star winter getaway. So check out our luxury amenities that you need for your winter glamping trip, get your winter packing essentials, and head out for your next winter vacation!

Woman wearing protection for winter, essentials for those looking to protect ears with earmuffs

In search of winter sun, some of us may head to tropical climates during our winter getaways. However, many of us will stay put and take advantage of the winter wonderlands around us—discovering how the cold, the snow, and the long nights can be as magical as summer days. Check out our top “hotel style amenities” that are our winter glamping 2023 essentials for this season. Easy to find in many of our winter vacation rentals, you’ll wonder how you ever had a winter break without these perks.

Cabins with hot tubs: hot tub holidays you need

Our top luxury item to have on your glamping property is a hot tub. What sounds better than a day spent skiing or snowboarding, finished by a relaxing soak in your own hot tub, surrounded by snow-covered trees? Snow might be falling outside, but a hot tub can curb even the coldest cold. Perfect for a romantic winter evening or a snowy afternoon spent relaxing and chatting, a hot tub is surely the highlight of any winter accommodation. Cabins with hot tubs, like this Big Sky cabin rental, make winter glamping a treat.

Beautiful Getaway Cabin near Bozeman in Montana
Beautiful Getaway Cabin near Bozeman for Wild Vacations in Montana

Healing saunas: find your outdoor sauna, steam saunas, spas, and more in 2023

After a long day outdoors in the cold—either hiking, skiing, ice fishing, or enjoying any other winter sport—a sauna is an amazing addition to a cozy glamping accommodation on a winter trip. Perfect for easing sore muscles and recovering from the cold, or simply pampering yourself with a private spa getaway. Make this winter camping trip healing for both body and soul. Vacation rentals, like this Leavenworth cabin rental, that have private spas and saunas are truly a 5-star vacation.

Unique Bainbridge Island Accommodation in Seattle
Unique Bainbridge Island Accommodation

Let a fireplace light the spark of your winter vacation, 2023

Cozy nights are always made better with good company, delicious snacks, and a crackling fireplace. Reminiscent of home, you’ll be able to light a fire in the evening with your loved ones and discover the luxurious simplicity that glamping is famous for. The Pacific Northwest is one of our favorite winter destinations, which becomes a true winter wonderland once it dons its coat of snow. Is your interest peaked? Check out these Washington winter cabin rentals, all with fireplaces, for the best choice of winter camping rentals in the PNW!

Home theaters: for an added 5-star touch to your glamping getaway

Sometimes it’s just too cold to go outside, even when winter is your favorite season. Whether you’re snowed in or hibernating out of choice, a home theater can fill any snow day with joy. When you rent a place with a home theater, like this Montana vacation rental, you’ll be wondering if you’re in a 5-star resort or really in a private winter glamping rental! Snow days become synonymous with playing outdoors and then warming up while watching a movie. While glamping, a home theater can make snow day memories a sophisticated reality with a projection screen, a movie library, and comfortable lounge furniture. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Rustic Yurt  near Panhandle National Forests, Idaho

The best ski vacations and winter camping: with ski-in/ski-out access

While skiing and snowboarding can be considered the most popular winter activities, those of you who aren’t looking forward to commuting back and forth to the mountain will appreciate the convenience of ski-in/ski-out access. Winter accommodations that are located on or near a ski slope allow you to fulfill your dreams of the perfect skiing getaway. Book accommodations like these Keystone lodgings and get easy access to the ski resort of your choice!

Perfect your marshmallow smores: crackling fire pits

A winter’s night spent outdoors can be exhilarating and refreshing, while stargazing and snuggling under a warm blanket. While body heat and outerwear will probably suffice, a fire pit will make the atmosphere unforgettably cozy. From the warm, amber light to the fragrant burning logs, a firepit is our favorite winter amenity. Book this Upstate New York vacation rental, perfect for a large group or family winter glamping trip, and enjoy perks like the outdoor firepit.

Luxury Cabin in the Catskills, New York
Luxury Renovated Barn with Airstream and Cabin in the Catskills, New York

I spy with my little eye: game rooms

Our winter glamping accommodations can range from more basic lodging arrangements to having the most luxurious amenities one can think of. And while game rooms may sound hard to find, they are actually quite common. Game rooms make it easy for guests of all ages to enjoy their winter camping vacation. While adults relax in the hot tub, the kids can play! Vacation rentals like this Gatlinburg cabin rental, or this Broken Bow lodging rental, showcase different kinds of game rooms where family and friends of all ages can come together and enjoy activities away from the cold.

Image of family on the ice enjoying some of the best winter vacations in the US for the year of 2020

Check out some of our favorite winter cabins in the Pacific Northwest and Upstate New York with these cozy amenities!

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