Best Portuguese Wine Regions, 2021

Plan a vacation touring Portuguese wine regions

For a unique vacation, visit one of these Portuguese wine regions, and try some local vintages

With 13 Portuguese wine regions to pick from, you’ve got a wide range of options that will keep even the most experienced wine connoisseur happy. While you may associate a vacation here with exploring the Algarve with its stunning countryside and beaches, surfing on the Costa Vicentina, or Fardo and delicious seafood, in Portugal, wine is as important to the locals as it is in France, Italy or Spain. This is hardly surprising when you consider that both Port wine and Green Wine are hugely popular, and are unique to Portugal. So, keep reading, and start planning your Portuguese vineyards tour today!

Enjoy wine tasting when you visit Portuguese wine regions.

Enjoy a glass of Port: wine from the Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is already a stunning region of Portugal. With the Douro River running through it, you can enjoy boat trips exploring the valley, and the whole region has stunning views of the countryside and local vineyards. Just 100 kilometers west of the vibrant city of Porto, this area is a UNESCO site, as well as the world’s oldest demarcated wine region. If you decide to stay in a vacation rental in the region, you can look forward to spending your trip visiting wineries and tasting some delicious Port wine that has made the region a popular destination for wine connoisseurs since the 19th century.

Try Port wine, the most famous Portuguese wine, when you visit the Douro Valley

Visit Vinho Verde and enjoy a traditional Portuguese wine in 2021

Vinho Verde, literally translated as Green Wine, is the largest Portuguese wine region. With 34,000 hectares in total, the region stretches from Portugal’s northern border with Spain, along the Atlantic coast to Portugal, this is one of the wettest and most fertile regions in the country for vines. The temperature and weather mean that the grapes produced here have moderate sugar levels creating a crisp acidity and lively fruit flavors in the wine which has a relatively low alcohol content of around 10 or 11%. The term Green Wine may have you scratching your head as to the color, but actually, wine from Vinho Verde comes in all the colors you’d expect—red, white, and rosé—as the term Green Wine actually refers to the fact that these wines should be cracked open and enjoyed at a relatively young age, typically less than three years.

Vinho Verde is the largest of the Portuguese wine regions

The Dão Region: a more robust Portuguese wine

Set in the Centro Region of Portugal and surrounded by mountains, the Dão region boasts a more robust wine being protected from high winds, rains, and the ocean. The vines grow in a granite heavy area which gives the grapes bolder flavors in both red and white wines. Typical wines from the Dão region include Bical, Verdelho, and the famous Encruzado. If you visit this particular Portuguese wine region, you can enjoy a romantic getaway near the beautiful city of Viseu, perfectly located for you to explore the area and to indulge in some of those unique, Dão wines.

Enjoy more robust red and white wines when you visit the Dão region

Setúbal Peninsula, the home of Muscat

The Setúbal Peninsula has quite possibly one of the best climates for winemaking. Mild, hot, dry summers, mixed with rainy winters give the vines the year-round nutrition to produce a high-quality grape. The region is well known for Muscat, or Moscatel, an intense, sweet wine that pairs perfectly with desserts. It’s also well known for another fruit-flavored wine called Castelão, or Periquita, which is red wine compared to the white Muscat. Close to the stunning city of Lisbon, Setúbal is a coastal region with dramatic views and gorgeous beaches, so it is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a beach glamping getaway into your wine tasting itinerary.

The Setúbal Peninsula is a great place for a coastal getaway

Alentejo wine region: wine tasting and surfing on the Costa Vicentina

Demarcated in 1988, the Alentejo region has eight subregions along the Costa Vicentina. Covering almost a third of Portugal, it has certainly earned its place as one of the most prominent Portuguese wine regions. The area is well known for its full-bodied red wines, and this is not a recent accolade. Alentejo is also famous for its history, especially its agricultural history which dates back to ancient civilizations, and the most prominent farming is viticulture, so the region has been at the forefront of Portuguese wine for centuries. As well as enjoying a wine tasting trip to Alentejo, you can also enjoy a stay in a coastal vacation rental along the Costa Vicentina, and get involved with some surfing.

Alentejo has a long history of viticulture

Bairrada: where Portuguese wine and art come together

The Bairrada region offers a range of cultural attractions. For example, the Bussaco Palace Hotel and Aliança Underground Museum, where Wine and Art come together, are well worth adding to your sightseeing plans when you head out on vacation here. The Bairrada wine region boasts over 10,000 hectares of vineyards, and it is famous for high-quality wines. For fans of red wine, there’s Baga, and for those of you who prefer a chilled white, you can look forward to trying Bical. YOu may also enjoy some of the sparkling wines from the region that are typically used as an aperitif by the locals.

The Bussaco Palace Hotel is a must see when you head to Bairrada
Photo from Almeida Hotels

Enjoy a glass of Madeira on Madeira Island in 2021

Madeira has recently become famous as the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo, however, there is so much more to this stunning island than just being the home of the highly decorated footballer. Madeira wine is made from Tinta Negra, and it is a dry wine not too dissimilar to port or sherry. The mountainous island and fertile soil have combined to create vineyards that have lasted for generations, and have aided the production of Madeira wine to become a traditional export. You can a romantic vacation right on the coast of the island, and enjoy a glass or two of the local wine while staring out to sea from this unique, eco-friendly rental.

Enjoy a romantic beach vacation when you visit Madeira Island

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