Italy’s Best Coastal Beach Vacations

When we mention Italian beaches, most people will think of the Amalfi Coast, and while this is a truly stunning stretch of coastline, Italy has more to offer than just this one stretch of sandy shoreline. Almost completely surrounded by the sea, Italy, in fact, has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

This encompassing list of Italy’s best coastal beach vacations will either provide you with the perfect accommodation for your luxurious trip to the beautiful Italian coastline or produce some vacation inspiration for that holiday you’ve always wanted to go on. Either way, you’re going to be thankful for these stunning beach rentals!

Comfy Tipi on the Salentini Hills in Rural Italy

This beautiful glamping accommodation, shaded by four olive trees high up in the hills of Salentini, is just a short walk from the rocky Italian coastline. Head inland to the nearby towns of Lecce and Gallipoli to see some of the most famous art centers in Europe, discover local markets selling fresh produce, or venture a little further along the coastline to find some stunning beaches. (Fun bonus fact: The Salento peninsula divides the Adriatic Sea from the Ionian Sea!)

Sleek Modern Airstreams on Full-Service Glampsite near Venice, Italy

Venice has a beach? Yes, indeed glampers, many will be shocked that Venice offers a lot more than just the stunning city on water. Stay a little further out of the city, and you’ll see that the Italian coastline is just as beautiful by Venice than anywhere else in the country. You can’t miss it!

These sleek Airstreams will provide you with a luxurious camping holiday to remember. Located directly on the beach, this site is perfect for those wishing to soak up some of those famous Italian rays.

Mediterranean Beach Coast Lodging Tents in Tuscany, Italy

Glampers are in for a treat with these seaside holiday tents in Tuscany, located near Italy’s beautiful cities of Florence, Pisa, and Siena. You’ll have a hard time choosing whether to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the Mediterranean sea or explore!

You can easily walk to the Burano WWF Wildlife Preserve, where you’ll find Burano Lake—a salt lake, with beautiful, native flora and fauna—or try out some of the many water sports available to glampers. Perhaps sailing will even become your new hobby!

Antique Watchtower Overlooking Italy’s Tuscan Countryside

Yes it’s another glamping site near the Tuscan beach, but this accommodation merits the hype! This one-of-a-kind watchtower provides guests with a 360-degree view of the famous rolling Tuscan hills. Having visited Tuscany last summer, I can promise you it deserves all the attention it receives.

Visit the nearby ancient Roman settlement Pitigliano to see the ancient building clinging to the cliff or take a nature walk through the Natural Park of Maremma.

Eco-Friendly Mobile Homes on the Wonderful Shores of Sardinia, Italy

These eco-friendly mobile homes on the island of Sardinia will have you reaching for your diary to book your holiday! From sailing and windsurfing to trekking and horseback riding (plus concerts held in the nearby amphitheater), you will have plenty of activities to do before relaxing in your beautiful glamping rental in the evening.

To find our other accommodations in Italy, check out "Summer Vacation Getaways to Italy" or for a family holiday perhaps "Family-Friendly Campgrounds in Italy", we’ve got you covered!

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