Best Winter Getaways in Canada: Top 2022 Winter Destinations

Are you trying to plan a winter vacation after the holidays and don’t know where to start? On everyone’s list this year of top winter destinations is Canada! Some of the best vacation spots in Canada shine even brighter in the winter. Want your own winter wonderland? An escape to Canada in the colder months will do just the trick! Imagine pine trees dusted with whisps of snow, steaming mugs of hot chocolate (or something a little stronger, if you prefer!), and, above all, unbeatable outdoor access to all the best places to try your hand at winter sports. Convinced yet? Whether it’s a romantic cabin holiday or a family vacation in Canada you’re looking for, Glamping Hub has got you covered when it comes to the best winter getaways in Canada.

Check out the most popular winter getaways in Canada: from BC to Nova Scotia

Our most popular winter getaways in Canada include our top five most-booked Canadian sites, from British Columbia and Ontario to Nova Scotia. It’s all too easy to imagine yourself cozied up in a luxury tent, an eco-friendly tree house, or a unique renovated bus turned glamping accommodation. As if that weren’t enough, you’ll finally get to try Canada’s famed maple syrup over breakfast and poutine for lunch, dinner, or even a mid-afternoon snack.

Enjoy all the things to do in Nova Scotia with a stay on Cape Breton Island

When it comes to winter getaways, Canada has a plethora of incredible spots to visit, including Cape Breton Osland, Nova Scotia. Canada is a great destination at this time of year whether you’re looking for skiing and snowboarding or the things to do in Nova Scotia, such as hiking and exploring the stunning coastline in this uniquely beautiful spot. Even in winter, a stay in one of our cozy yurts will give you a truly unique winter getaway in 2022.

Yurt camping rental in Nova Scotia and one of the best winter getaways in Canada.

Stay in an incredible tree house, the best vacation rentals in Ontario

For the perfect winter getaways in Ontario, look no further than this charming tree house near Ottawa. Few vacation rentals in Ontario offer comfort and seclusion like this rental. One of the best places to visit in Ontario to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a weekend getaway, it’s close to some Ontario points of interest, and what better way to while away a sunny winter afternoon than sitting around the fire pit, or getting cozy and warm thanks to the tree house’s log burner?

Tree house rental with fire pit in Ontario

Heights not your thing? Join the tiny house movement in Ontario

If you fancy glamping, Ontario has more to offer than a tree house. Now, admittedly, I did just say that vacation rentals in Ontario don’t get much better than our previous offering, however, just outside of Toronto, Ontario, you’ll find one of our favorite tiny house rentals. Perfect for winter getaways as well as summer vacations, this beautifully situated vacation rental is the perfect introduction to the tiny house movement for any of you yet to experience 

Red tiny house rental in a field in Canada.

Spend your winter getaways in Canada exploring Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Just outside of the charming city of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, you’ll find this unique, solar-paneled vacation rental. In a stunning, secluded setting, of all the vacation rentals in British Columbia, this is one that will give you the perfect escape from the city for your winter getaways. With a number of great things to do in Salmon Arm, you’ll be heading back to this spot in British Columbia every year for the winter. 

Unique vacation rental in Salmon Arm, British Columbia for one of the best winter getaways in Canada.

Try a tree house in Quebec for your winter getaways in Canada, 2022

For some memorable winter getaways near Montreal, this tree house rental in Quebec is the perfect choice. Nestled above the trees, you can look forward to some spectacular views from your own private tree house with a fire pit adding a rustic aesthetic. For a snowy escape from your day-to-day in the city, it’s hardly surprising that this is one of our favorite tree houses for winter getaways in Canada, 2022.

Tree house in Quebec with private deck.

To find out more about glamping in Canada, head to our Canada Weekend Getaways page, and for other winter escapes, check out our Winter Weekend Getaways page. We have no doubt you’ll find the quintessential snowy destination you’re looking for!

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