Fun Ideas for Road Trips

Planning a road trip with kids can be daunting when thoughts of bored faces and restless little ones spring to mind. When we think of family road trip essentials, we usually think of snacks, water, and of course, a map, but by also making sure to bring along fun road trip ideas, the car ride will be just as enjoyable as the destinations along the way. Involve the whole family with games, music, and stories, and you will have no problem getting from point A to point B without any bumps along the way.


Planning a road trip? Fun ideas to keep you busy on your journey are just a scroll away


When it comes to road trips, fun ideas to keep everyone occupied can be really simple. Once you’ve played “I Spy” one too many times, turn to trivia to get the kids involved and interested in the places you’re taking them. Prepare interesting facts about nature, camping, and famous sights you’ll pass along the way, and they will have a great time testing their knowledge and learning new things. Just remember to keep it fun so they don’t feel like they’re still in school!


Music is something that everyone can connect with, so choosing the right road trip playlist is fundamental for an enjoyable car journey. Let everyone have a turn choosing a song and be sure to prepare some quintessential road trip tunes that everyone can sing along to. Playing “guess the song” is a great way to get both children and adults involved—get into teams and see who gets stumped first!


Children can learn a lot from their parents, and quite often they don’t realize how many fun road trips you’ve had and amazing places you’ve travelled to. Recall funny stories and interesting encounters from trips of the past, which will remind them that you also had a life before they came along! Then, encourage them to observe and write down all the new sights and places they encounter during the family road trip so that they will be able to share their stories with their own kids in the future.

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