Gourmet Glamping

1. Sonoma, California

Hands down, the best way to feel glamorous is by swirling a glass of red wine, and what better place is there to indulge than in California Wine Country? Napa Valley of Sonoma County in Northern California is home to some of the finest vineyards in the world, with optimal conditions for growing numerous varieties of grapes. What makes the environment so perfect is everything to do with the cool breeze that combs through the vineyards. At night, the crisp air chills the grapes and protects the thin, vulnerable skin. While glamping in Sonoma County, you will be able to experience the same breeze as you sip red wine cultivated on the very earth you stand upon. The best way to describe this experience is totally grounding, and you will only think about who you are sharing the moment with.

2. Asheville, North Carolina

The mountain oasis known as Asheville, North Carolina, is truly a gem in the American south and stands tall as a beacon for craft, culture, and cuisine, while boasting the energy of a bustling artistic epicenter. The inhabitants, along with glampers who visit, have an appreciation for the hand making of crafts that runs as deep as the roots of the surrounding spires of towering pine. This is apparent in the craft beer scene of Asheville, which attracts beer lovers from across the country. You may find yourself in The Thirsty Monk at one of their tastings, or for a longer event, you would certainly enjoy the city’s Oktoberfest.

3. Damazan, France

While glamping in France, food lovers shall rejoice as eating well is inevitable. With traditions and recipes passed down from older generations, the French cuisine is sure to be the highlight of any visit. After collecting local produce from the town market, guests can prepare a meal inspired by the perfect surroundings. When dinner is ready, spirits are lifted as the bread is broken and the local wine is poured. Outside the French doors, the Canal Lateral reflects the bright, full moon light. What you are feeling now is within grasp at this beautiful cottage in the picturesque region of Damazan, France. Glamping here will allow you to be able to spend time with loved ones in an environment perfect for making memories.

4. Venice, Italy

Perhaps one of the most romantic destinations in the world is the one-and-only Venice, Italy. Imagine gently drifting in a gondola down a narrow canal on a warm summer day, and having just indulged in a tiramisu gelato. Glamping in Venice is truly an experience unlike most would have in Italy. Situated just outside of the city, your glamping site is just a short, beautiful boat ride away from the main square. In this bell tent, you can enjoy peaceful, quiet nights right by the coast.

5. Portland, Maine

With the Atlantic Ocean drifting onto the shores, Portland, Maine, boasts some of the freshest and most delicious seafood available. The lobster is a local legend, but the lore is for you to uncover. Discover the beautiful and historical city of Portland through the gourmet cuisine in through your taste buds. Feast on lobster rolls that boast a very liberal quantity of the coveted delicacy, warm your belly with creamy clam chowder, and try many more local favorites. To go glamping in Maine means you must come hungry for both local delicacies and plenty of adventure. Are you ready?

6. Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain, is a gastronomical city unlike anywhere else. You will not only eat well, but you will eat cheap. Order a glass of your preferred beverage, and then you will be presented with a delicious free tapa that pairs perfectly. Mind you, when you want more food, that means you will need to ask for another beverage to prompt another free tapa. Something else that sets this beautiful Spanish city apart are the amazing caves found dotted in the mountains. With polished furnishings and modern amenities, they are perfect for relaxing after a full day exploring the wonderful culinary opportunities that Granada has to offer.

7. Austin, Texas

When in Texas, glampers are going to need an appetite as big as the state itself. While Tex-Mex and Barbecue are a staple of the local cuisine, the city of Austin allows glampers to step out of their culinary comfort zone and try something new. Whether its a lively food truck festival or an unexpected fusion restaurant, glamping in Austin seamlessly mixes the perfect gastronomical adventure with fun outdoor activities that reconnect you with nature.

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