Planning The Best NYE 2021 with Friends: Ideas for New Year’s

Friends celebrating NYE 2021 on the beach together

What’s New Year’s Eve with friends without a signature cocktail for the evening? While you’re at it, up the stakes, and start planning the best NYE 2021 with your friends for a December 31 celebration like never before!

Choose between destinations like  California or New York for your next NYE getaways, and let us take the reins. We’ll not only tell you where you should stay but also the native libation you need to be sipping on, all in order to plan the best NYE with friends possible in 2021, especially if you’re looking for the best last-minute New Years Eve plans.

How to plan NYE 2021: California getaways and celebratory cocktails are just some ideas for your next big party this New Year’s Eve

Do you hear the siren sounds of a tropical drink calling your name? Good. The rumored state cocktail of this warm, West Coast paradise is the Mai Tai: fruity and sweet, but packing a punch. Try this rum-based cocktail on for size while you and your friends

What to Buy: While there are variations on the recipe, your basics are light rum, dark rum, Curaçao liqueur, and lime juice.

Where to celebrate NYE 2021 in California for a memorable start to the New Year

The question still remains: where to celebrate NYE 2021?

NYE 2021 is a chance for us to take advantage of a world without many social gatherings (for now) and instead head for the best outdoor locations in the world instead.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that New Year’s Eve 2021 should be the year when we all make a sacrifice and honor the COVID restrictions currently in place.

Instead, if you’re looking for party ideas and ways to celebrate NYE in 2021, why not check out the best getaways in California where you will find seclusion, privacy, and some fascinating outdoor locations where you can welcome the New Year in with your friends and family by your side.

One of the best outdoor locations in California and where to spend NYE with friends

Last-minute New Year’s Eve ideas 2021: enjoy a game night together and let the festivities roll on!

Sometimes, we don’t always have to follow the unwritten rule of getting blind drunk on New Year’s Eve and waking up to the New Year with a blinding headache and plenty of unfortunate regrets.

Instead, for a more wholesome start to the year, why not consider partaking in a game night in which the whole family can get involved! If you were worrying about last-minute New Year’s Eve ideas, 2021 still has some options on the table for you to consider.

For family-friendly things to do on New Year’s Eve, try playing popular games in 2021 such as Poker, Pictionary, and Heads Up. With some champagne and family and friends by your side, you might just find it easier to start planning the best NYE in 2021 than you previously thought!

Oh and for less PG/13 games, there’s always Cards Against Humanity which will have you and your friends crying with laughter before you know it.

Inside of luxury cabin ready for NYE celebrations 2021 and a fun party game night

How to plan a successful NYE in Upstate New York: 2021 NY ideas for families and friends

Looking for ideas and inspiration on how to plan a successful NYE in Upstate New York?

Need an excuse to get cozy with that always-been-just-a-friend friend?

Then consider us your NYE fairy godmothers. Upstate New York means chillier temps, but more reasons to cuddle close as the ball drops. Another surefire way to warm up, however, is the famed Moscow Mule, a pleasant, refreshing pop of ginger and citrus to surprise your winter tastebuds.

Surprise your friends each with their own engraved copper mug—the preferred cup for serving this delightful adult beverage—if you’re feeling extra giving this holiday season.

What to Buy: Vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer.

Enjoy making unforgettable memories and planning the best NYE with your new favorite NY getaways in Upstate New York that are bound to impress in New Year’s Eve 2021

A deluxe Upstate New York cottage rental might be just the place you need if you’re interested in creating wonderful memories in 2021 with your loved ones by your side. NYE vacations aren’t always on everyone’s list. For example, in past years we may enjoy the idea of staying at home and letting the celebrations commence under our own roofs before heading to a bar or club.

2022 is a little different in that we aren’t going to be afforded the same social interactions.

However, that’s not to say we can’t still make the most of it and with some of the best private escapes in Upstate NY to choose from, planning the best New York NYE, 2022 will already be doing better than last year!

One of the best Upstate NY getaways for celebratory parties

Fancy a New Year’s Eve escape to somewhere else? Check out our all-you-need-to-know about New Year’s getaways page!

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