5 Ideas for What to Do if You’re Alone on Valentine’s Day [Galentine’s Day 2022]

Two women in a field of sunflowers, single on Valentine's Day

Hooray for Valentine’s Day 2022! Whether you’re single on Valentine’s Day, in a long-distance relationship, or simply looking to celebrate your friendships this year: it’s time to embrace being alone on Valentine’s Day and have a happy Galentine’s Day instead.

Keep reading for some Galentine’s Day ideas

You wouldn’t be you without your closest gal pals by your side, so change up your usual weekend plans to incorporate this adorable new trend into your annual celebrations, and choose one of these great Galentine’s Day ideas. We’ve got ideas for things to do on Valentine’s Day for you to plan an unforgettable vacation. Happy Galentine’s Day!

1. Bottomless brunch: celebrate Galentine’s Day 2022 and get together with your girls

What could be more fun than getting together with your best friends for a classy champagne brunch? Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t all doom and gloom, so dig out all of your cutest mugs and host it at your house, or turn it into a picnic outside if the weather is nice! You won’t need to wonder what to do on Valentine’s Day, single or not, after that.

We recommend these brunch food ideas: crepes, fresh fruit, chocolate, and lots of croissants for the Galentine’s Day menu. Have a look at the delicious drink recipes you could also make for the occassion!

2. Treat yo’ self (and your friends): good presents to get your friends

Who says that your best friend can’t be your Valentine? Embrace the principles of “Secret Santa” and have a “Secret Cupid” gift exchange with your pals. Think about good presents for friends that you can buy. Why not even try luxury glamping rentals US and treat you and your friend to a glamping trip. In the spirit of Galentine’s Day and Parks and Rec, we say ‘treat yo’ self!’

3. Girl’s weekend: How to survive a long-distance relationship when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day

Short on girl’s weekend ideas and trying to survive a long-distance relationship when you’re alone on Valentine’s Day? Gather up all of your nail polish, face masks, and beauty treatments between you and have the DIY party to end all DIY parties.

Invite the girls around and enjoy each other’s company on a special Galentine’s Day 2022 to remember with friends. After you’ve all had makeovers and put on your best clothes, head out for a night on the town! No matter where you are celebrating, you’ll surely have enough options to keep you occupied on Valentine’s Day 2022.

4. Valentine’s Day singles events: Look for a wine tasting with friends

If you’re in the search for Valentine’s Day singles events, try wine tasting with friends on Valentine’s Day 2022. Have a look for the best vineyards near you where you can drown your sorrows with the best tasting red wine and champagnes.

Or stay at home, crack out the cheese board, and put your basic wine knowledge to the test by having a wine tasting night with the girls. Send out classy invitations and ask everyone to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and get dressed up.

5. Valentine’s Day getaways: book your Valentine’s Day trip for a weekend getaway

Travel alone or travel with friends this Valentine’s Day 2022: present your best friend with a Glamping Hub gift card, so you can plan incredible Valentine’s Day getaways for just the two of you!

You can also book somewhere, like a Valentine’s Day rental, or you can look at the many options for you to travel alone and discover some of the best weekend getaways and top destinations for where to travel in February!

For more Valentine’s Day inspiration, check out the best Valentine’s gift ideas, alternatives to a Valentine’s Day dinner, and the top romantic breaks for February 14th.

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