How to Support World Habitat Day, 2020

Celebrate World Habitat Day

An initiative launched in 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly and first celebrated in 1986, World Habitat Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October each year, which falls on October 5th, 2020. There are many different ways we can mark this day, promoting community, sustainability, and making a commitment to striving to create a better world for everyone. We’ve put together a few ideas of our own to mark World Habitat Day, from small changes we can all make to bigger picture goals and achievements to support the work done by the UN, and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

The United Nations building in Vienna, Austria

What is World Habitat Day?

Based on the principle that all have the right to adequate shelter, World Habitat Day was launched om 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly to remind the world that we all have the responsibility and ability to provide a better future for our towns and cities. Each year a different city hosts the event with a specific theme chosen to reflect the goals of the initiative. The first World Habitat Day was celebrated in 1986, hosted by Nairobi, Kenya, with the theme, “Shelter is My Right.” 2020’s event is to be hosted in Surabaya, Indonesia, with the theme “Housing For All: A Better Urban Future.” The goal is to help promote affordable housing for those in need with the help of charities and governments. To find out ways to help from home, keep reading for a few ideas of what you can do to mark World Habitat Day, 2020.

Building houses for World Habitat Day

Volunteer in your community

There are plenty of ways to volunteer within your own community. Habitat for Humanity has various voluntary events going on in a number of places, such as building housing for those in need. If you’re unable to find a nearby project sponsored by Habitat for Humanity, search for a similar organization in your area. Charities in your local area will have less available resources compared to a global organization, and they would rely heavily on people willing to do voluntary work. Similarly, you can volunteer with the homeless, either in a shelter, or go out with a homeless charity to give provisions out to those living on the street.

Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

Donate to charity to mark World Habitat Day, 2020

There is a very real possibility that due to COVID-19, many charities and organizations will be limiting what they will require in terms of volunteers and voluntary work. With that in mind, another way to show support for World Habitat Day is to donate to charity. A food donation for the homeless, along with other essentials is a great way to help. Search for a “Goodwill near me”, or for “Salvation Army near me”, and you may well be able to arrange a donation pick up if you prefer to adhere to social distancing advice from the WHO.

Food donations and other essentials

Support sustainability in your local area

Another important aspect of World Habitat Day is to support sustainability. There is an increasing need for us to be more aware of sustainability in our communities, and sustainable development is an important aspect of the UN’s initiative. The main goals of sustainable development as afar as World Habitat Day goes is obviously to increase affordable living for those in need while finding ways to keep new developments ecologically friendly, and preventing chaotic urban sprawls. As we all try to find ways to live sustainably, there are little things we can all do to make a difference. From buying eco-friendly products for the home to gardening sustainably, we can all do little things ourselves that help to achieve these goals.

garden sustainably

Go back to basics by recycling, upcycling, and limiting waste

While World Habitat Day isn’t focused on recycling and limiting waste, it is an important aspect of achieving those goals of sustainable development in urban and rural areas alike. Recycling has become the norm for many of us with waste collection for general waste and recycling now exclusive from each other. We can take things further though with joining the upcycling movement. Simple things like upcycling furniture, or upcycling clothes are a great way to cut down on avoidable waste. If you decide you still don’t want to keep hold of those items, upcycled products can be used by homeless charities and organizations that help the vulnerably housed, providing affordable furniture alternatives.

recycling is a great way to support World Habitat Day

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