Guest Spotlight: Jacob and Esther of “Local Adventurer”

Editor’s Note: We’d like to introduce you to bloggers Jacob and Esther of “Local Adventurer,” who recently stayed at this luxury A-frame cabin in Idllywild, California. Read on to hear their glamping experience, accompanied by a brief interview.

Just a short drive away from Los Angeles or San Diego is a small town called Idllywild and the cutest A-Frame cabin we found on Glamping Hub. We love to camp, but it’s not because we love sleeping uncomfortably on the ground. We love it because we want to experience the outdoors and nature. Glamping was the best of both worlds, where we could getaway but also have the comforts of home.

We ended up settling on Idyllwild, because we had some friends coming from LA while we were coming from San Diego. It was the perfect meeting place. As soon as we arrived at the A-Frame cabin, we were excited about getting to stay there and marveled at the design and detail, especially the stone shower. We were not roughing it in the least.

There are a ton of hikes in the area, and we decided to go on a shorter one to get some exercise in and feel good about ourselves. Then we hit up the town of Idyllwild and browsed their shops and restaurants. In the evening, we headed back to the cabin to execute our grand plan for a Korean BBQ dinner. It was an epic glamping experience, and we were so happy to spend some quality time with friends away from technology (though they did have wifi).

The next morning, we grabbed breakfast at a small cafe in Idllywild, which was a great way to end a night away. We definitely can’t wait to go glamping again!

Our Interview with Esther and Jacob

Choose three adjectives to describe the glamping site you stayed at before your trip and another three words to describe it post- stay. How did your expectations measure up to reality?

Before: Cozy, Outdoorsy, Secluded After: Cozy, Comfortable, Woodsy
The A-Frame Cabin met our expectations in terms of inside the cabin. The site and photos did a great job showing that off. However, we expected the cabin to be more secluded rather than next to other cabins and homes.

Who did you go glamping with, and what was your favorite memory that you made together during the stay?

We went glamping with another couple. We were both just looking for a weekend getaway that didn’t require a long drive so that we could unplug and recharge. Since we both live in different cities it was a great way for us to catch up, eat some Korean BBQ, and play games.

What was the best part about the accommodation? How does it compare to past places you’ve stayed?

We loved the design of the cabin. It was the perfect size for the 4 of us, and we took advantage of all the different spaces. We’ve stayed at our cabins before that definitely didn’t have the comforts of this one.

Describe to us the area around the glamping site. What do you think the perfect time of year to stay here would be, and why?

There is a ton of camping in the surrounding areas, and since it’s in SoCal, you can pretty much visit anytime during the year. If hiking isn’t your thing, the small town of Idlywild gives you plenty to explore. They have events throughout the year too, so check to see what’s going on.

Tell us one thing about your first glamping experience that surprised you and why.

Glamping is all about being in the outdoors but with the comforts of everyday life. We honestly didn’t expect to be as comfortable as we were though! We thought we would still be roughing it a bit more.

If you could have invited a famous celebrity (dead or alive) over to your glamping site, who would it be, and what would you have done together?

Aziz Ansari! We’ve really been into his book and show lately and feel like that he would be a blast to hang out with. Afterall, a quick getaway is a great way to Treat Yo’self!

What is your ideal food item and beverage for a glamping trip, and why? If you have a special secret or recipe, please share with us—if you’re willing, of course!

We brought our own Korean BBQ and made use of the fully stocked kitchen! Besides that we brought some whiskey and soju to pair with all the food. Our bellies were happy.

Do you prefer a more active or more relaxing getaway? Which did you opt for at the glamping site, and what was the best related activity in the area?

We like to do a little bit of both. We want to feel challenged, but by the time we come back, we don’t want to feel like we need another vacation. We spent the afternoon going on a nice hike, and then relaxed during the evening over food, drinks, and board games.

Fill in the end of the sentence: “This glamping site would be the perfect place for ____________________,” and tell us why!

This glamping site would be the perfect place for a weekend getaway. It’s only 2 hours away from LA or San Diego, but it gets you far enough away from the city to relax and enjoy nature.

Would you recommend glamping to family and friends? Do you see yourself going glamping again? Let us know why!

Absolutely! We love getting out in nature, but sometimes camping is just a bit too uncomfortable. This is a great way to getaway and still have a relaxing time.

To find out more about Jacob, Esther, and “Local Adventurer,” be sure to check out their blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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