Guest Spotlight: Shannon Guerrero

Editor’s Note: We’d like to introduce you to graphic designer and travel blogger, Shannon Guerrero, who recently celebrated a birthday with her friend, Janelle, at one of Glamping Hub’s coziest cabins in British Colombia. Read on to hear all about her luxury camping experience!

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Shannon Guerrero sat down with us after her trip to share her experiences of glamping and what she most enjoyed about it

What are the three words you would use to describe your glamping site?

Cozy, spacious, and secluded.

What was your favorite memory from your glamping getaway?

Putting on a face mask, firing up the Jacuzzi, and relaxing in the warm water on the back porch.

How do you plan your vacations—around destinations, style, or accommodation?

It’s hard for me to even choose where I want to go next, because I want to go everywhere. Usually, the decision comes down to price, and everything else falls into place after that, i.e., accommodation and itinerary.

How would you describe your glamping style? Chic and stylish or rustic and outdoorsy?

I would definitely describe my glamping style as comfortable chic. I’m not necessarily the outdoorsy type, which is why glamping is a great in-between option.

What is your biggest piece of advice for planning steps before booking a trip?

Do your research, and be flexible. I love to know all about the location I’m visiting beforehand, but I also like being able to discover things along the journey. I think it’s a great idea to keep an open mind while traveling; you should have an idea of what you’d like to do, but put aside time to explore without a specific agenda.

What are your five go-to’s for your glamping stay?

A beautiful setting, location, amenities, good friends, and good food.

Where are you looking to glamp next and why?

I’m hoping to take some mini-road trips around California during the winter, but I would also love to venture off to some of the amazing other accommodations that are on Glamping Hub.

To follow Shannon and her travels, visit her website Shannon Did What? or Instagram here!

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