National Parks near Los Angeles: Getaways 2021

National Parks near Los Angeles: Getaways in gorgeous, woodland retreats

It can be a busy old world in the city. Los Angeles traffic and the party lifestyle are enough to wear anyone down. So how can you combat the stress? Simple. Explore the best places near LA for a natural, relaxing retreat. There are plenty of national parks near Los Angeles that are waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re looking for breathtaking hiking trails or fancy a longer stay in a California cabin rental, these US national parks are the perfect way to see the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Scroll through and get inspired! Los Angeles getaways 2021 could be exactly the thing for you.

California National Park tent rental beneath the stars

Check out Yosemite National Park: our favorite national parks near Los Angeles

We’re kicking off with perhaps the most beautiful of all natural areas in the whole of the US. Yosemite National Park can be found in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Campgrounds can be found all around this gorgeous corner of the state and it’s not hard to see why people decide to pitch up and stay.

One of the main marvels of this area are the huge, granite cliffs. Formed over 10 million years ago, hiking trails go through areas like El Capitan and Half Dome. Walking through the natural scenery is sure to blow you away.

Yosemite Lake is not far from the national park and should also be enjoyed. Yosemite camping rentals are available in the form of lake cabin rentals, yurt rentals and cozy tree house rentals so you can enjoy the best of the glamping in Los Angeles.

Yosemite National Park: camping cabins and state parks camping trips

Explore Sequoia National Park and its unique cabin rentals

Over on the southern side of the Sierra Nevada, California you can find the incredible Sequoia National Park. Its main attraction, as you may be able to guess from the name, is its huge sequoia trees.

Hiking trails around the famous sequoia trees are not to be missed. They’re not only gargantuan but truly ancient, too. We’re talking over 3000 years. You’ll be able to feel the history in the palm of your hand.

This park also leas into Kings Canyon National Park. If you go on a California camping trip here, make sure to visit the General Sherman tree, which is the largest tree in the world according to sheer volume. Crazy!

This area is perfect for winter weekend getaways or summer vacations. 2021 deserves to be enjoyed in style, so head to California!

Camping in Sequoia National Park: California vacations 2021

Discover the incredible Channel Islands National Park: beach rentals in California await

Now it’s time for something a little different. Who could get bored of giant trees and breath taking valleys, you ask? Well… you. It is possible, and if that day comes then you know where to go: Channel Islands National Park.

This area encompasses all the islands found off the California Coast. Vacations can be enjoyed with trips to any of its gorgeous islands. Santa Cruz Island is home to a host of sea caves which are perfect for exploring: Painted Cave can only be reached by boat and is adorned by ancient rock art, supposedly made by the Chumash people.

Nature enthusiast can check out the nesting seabirds on Santa Barbara island; you’re certain to come across many a twitch in the are!

Beach camping in California is a popular option and will keep you nearby, should you wish to visit again. Eco-friendly accommodations are available over on Glamping Hub. Los Angeles getaways 2021 are always a top option, so don’t miss out!

Go camping near Channel Islands National Park

Visit Joshua Tree National Park: getaways near LA

Away from the shelter of the forest and the comforts of water, you’ll find Joshua Tree National Park. This is perhaps the wildest of the national parks near Los Angeles.

This intriguing piece of land is known for its rugged rock formation and expansive desert landscape. This national park camping spot straddles the Colorado Desert and the Mojava Desert and is a breathtaking, open space.

Hiking days can be enjoyed up to Keys View and through Hidden Valley. The boulders here are huge and if you reach Keys View you’ll have a stunning view of Coachella Valley.

Joshua Tree cabin rentals and treehouse rentals are always popular and should definitely be checked out. Glamping getaways near LA are truly something to be experienced. So stop looking at pictures and make a California camping trip a reality! Whether it’s family vacations 2021 or romantic weekend getaways, these national parks near LA are the places for you.

sunset views at Joshua Tree: campinng rentals available with Glamping Hub

Make sure you book a trip to LA National Parks and don’t miss out!

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