Great Weekend Getaways in New England


Oh New England, with your fall foliage and your finger-lickin’ good lobster, how could we be anything else but in love with you? When we think of New England, we envision a kaleidoscope of seasons, colonial architecture, and an all-round wicked vibe, not to mention that it’s home to some of the best glamping spots in the U.S. ideal for great weekend getaways.

New England is a trunk spilling with natural treasures and picturesque trinkets just waiting to be guarded safely in your box of fond vacation memories. Whether you fancy skiing through the powdery pines in the Green Mountains in Vermont or if you’re struck by a sudden whim to hit the surf in Cape Cod, these great weekend glamping getaways in New England allow you to take your nomadic ways to a whole new level.

Plan some great weekend getaways in a historic seaport town, Maine

Crowning a 130-foot cliff, this luxury A-frame cabin has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Jasper Beach and the verdant carpet of woodland. Up to four guests can climb aboard this nautical-themed cabin and enjoy the expansive ocean views right from the living room windows. Looking deep into the organic heart of Maine guarantees a relaxing respite from chaotic city life and great weekend getaways.

Historical Villa with Ocean View in Provincetown, Massachusetts

A beautiful villa cushioned by broccoli-like woodland, this rental definitely packs enough vacation goodness to be one of your five-a-day. Up to eight guests can have the sweetest dreams inside this warm and cozy glamping nest ideally suited for memorable weekend getaways in New England, and it comes fully equipped with all modern amenities (Wi-Fi, TV, computer, and more). All you need to do is sit back and relax in the spacious yard, and just let Massachusetts work its magic.

Great weekend getaways in a breathtaking luxury cabin on New York-Vermont border

Vermont is next on the list with this luxury cabin in West Pawlet. With three spacious bedrooms, a sunroom, and three bathrooms, up to 10 guests can comfortably enjoy the delights this property has to offer on some great weekend getaways. A slate patio, crackling fireplace, and pastoral panoramas are all part of this bucolic bundle, and the Romeo and Juliet-style balcony coming off the master bedroom sets the scene perfectly for how quickly you will fall for this amazing cabin.

Imaginative, Secluded Tree House in the Berkshires near Great Barrington, MA

Time for a tree house- an octagonal one at that. This bright and spacious octagonal oasis can accommodate a maximum of five guests and is located right at the heart of The Berkshires in Massachusetts. The fully equipped kitchen, cozily decorated living area, and wood-burning fireplace all harmonize to make your stay away from home the best that it can possibly be, and the large, glass windows look out like eyes over the dense thicket of voluminous vegetation.

Secluded Yurt on Coast of Maine with Direct Access to the Water

Yurt totally going to love this next New England contender. (Sorry, we had to.) Situated on the craggy coastline, this Mongolian yurt is steps away from the ocean and is perfect for a spot of afternoon fishing or whale watching. Designed for two people, the queen-size bed and fully equipped kitchen provides an ample area for you both to connect with Maine’s natural beauty and embark on an invigorating outdoor adventure.

Grow “curiouser and curiouser” about all that New England has to offer on our New England Getaways page.

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