Camping With Dogs: Checklist for Pet-Friendly Essentials in 2020

A dog in a tent camping with its owner

Spending time exploring vast national parks and the great outdoors is an ideal way to bond and create long-lasting memories with your furry best friend, but we all know that packing for a trip camping with dogs can be tough—especially when your trusty pooch is tagging along for the ride.

A camping checklist can seem overwhelming at times, so here are some glamping essentials items for your dog camping pack to make sure you and your pup have an unforgettable time and stay safe out in the wild.

couple enjoying camping with dogs during romantic getaways

1. Don’t forget your 20-foot cable leash and stake while camping with dogs

Whether Fido is a dependable, free-roaming spirit or a little hard to keep under control, having a long leash and a reliable stake is crucial for owners and their pets to make the most of the scenic landscape while camping with dogs.

Once that epic peak has been conquered during your next getaways in the Rockies, for example, take some much-needed rest while your four-legged pal has a nap, safe in the knowledge he’s not going to be running off on an impromptu quest to meet more of the locals!

dog behaving with leash on during getaways near the rockies

2. What to pack when camping with a dog in 2020: bring their ID tag

Knowing what to pack when camping with a dog can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time in the wilderness with them.

With the incredibly inquisitive nature of our canine companions, one of the most critical items to remember, the ID tag, is the last line of defense if the unthinkable happens and your pooch does wander off. Make sure to provide all relevant contact details so you can be reunited if your furry friend decides to explore a bit by himself during your next getaways in secluded cabin rentals.

dog looking into the distance during secluded cabin getaways

3. For your next pet-friendly getaways camping in the outdoors, bring a dog backpack

Hiking in the mountains can be exhausting, so why not make your companion work a little for his supper? These handy dog backpacks allow pets to pick up some of the slack and help their owners have a more relaxing day out.

The packs come in a selection of sizes, from dainty Chihuahua varieties to heavy-duty Saint Bernard ones, and remembering to pack one of these on your next pet-friendly getaways will be a weight off your shoulders—literally.

4. First aid kit: camping essentials for your dog pack in 2020

With seemingly endless mountains, rivers, and lakes on the agenda for most camping trips, there’s the outside chance of your pup getting himself in a sticky situation.

Make sure you’re ready for any potential hiccups by preparing some essential medical supplies, including bandages for any scrapes, hydrogen peroxide (in case anything toxic is ingested), antibiotic ointment, and tick medication which are all essential camping items for anyone’s dog camping pack.

a first aid kit and one of the essential items for camping with dogs

5. Camping checklist for bringing along pets in 2020: portable dog bowl

One of the most basic items for our pets is their bowl, and on a camping trip, less is more in terms of space. These useful bowls are collapsible, sealable, and small—making them a vital piece of equipment for your next camping checklist for bringing along pets.

Be sure to pack some of your pup’s favorite treats to reward them for their hard work on that adrenaline-pumping hike in the peaks and your next getaways to top mountain retreat destinations.

a dog and his dog pack during pet-friendly getaways in the wildernessPhoto courtesy of Ruffwear.

6. Ultimate dog camping gear list for your next adventures in 2020: pack a dog sleeping bag

If your pup’s used to some of the finer things in life, you may want to pack one of these water-resistant sleeping bags to keep little Baxter happy and warm after a day out exploring.

Our next pick for that dog camping gear list is the trusty dog sleeping bag in 2020.

The handy bedding comes in a range of sizes to suit any dog and affords some of those creature comforts of home, even while on wild camping trips in the mountains.

fido enjoying a dog sleeping bag

7. Pack your collar light and keep an eye on your dog during those pet-friendly hikes at night in 2020

Exploring new terrain and discovering natural wonders is top of the list a lot of camping trips and after sundown, keeping an eye on what the pooch is up to can be difficult, especially if your pet has a dark coat.

These cheap and simple LED collars are the perfect solution to avoid any unnecessary night-time panic and keep your nerves under control where you decide to for state park camping, national park getaways, and more.

dog wearing LED collar for night hikes during state park camping trips and more
Photo courtesy of K9 of Mine.

8. When you’re camping with dogs in the winter in 2020, be sure to pack a dog coat for them as well!

Whether your pet’s fur is shaggy and long or short and straight, as dusk approaches and temperatures drop off, Fido may be feeling a tad on the chilly side.

These trendy, weatherproof, and waterproof coats offer a simple way for pets to stay toasty warm when you’re camping with dogs, even on cold winter nights, as well as temporarily turning your pooch into an enviable fashionista!

pet wearing his dog coat, one of the main pet essentials for camping

For more tips on traveling with your dog, keep on reading, with a guest post by Jessica Brody of Our Best Friends.

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