Best Coastal Holidays, Australia 2021

nsw coast holidays for glamping Australia

Just ask the natives—it’s where you’ll find them!—the coast is where you want to be on your big glamping vacation to Australia. The best coastal holidays Australia has to offer run from New South Wales to Queensland to West Australia, featuring luxurious tents, tree houses, villas, and cottages, all of which will give you the Aussie beach time you’re craving. So see what you can get from Australia! Coastal getaways await you.

Discover the best beaches in Australia with New South Wales getaways in 2021

Go ahead and start discovering more of the world when you visit the best beaches in Australia with the top New South Wales getaways.

With NSW getaways, the North Coast is where you want to be, home to stunning, amazing beaches that allow glampers the opportunity to participate in a number of thrilling sand and water activities. Visit the Stockton Beach sand dunes, go scuba diving from Coffs Harbour in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, try your hand at body surfing, or simply enjoy leisurely shoes-off strolls. The possibilities are endless when you take advantage of the family weekend getaways NSW has to offer in 2021.

new south wales getaways for the best coastal holidays, Australia

Where to go in Australia in 2021: enjoy Queensland holidays with the top family resorts Gold Coast glamping offers

If you’re interested in where to go in Australia in 2021 and the best destinations for you, check out Queensland holidays with the top family resorts Gold Coast glamping can provide this year.

Queensland is of course home to the well-known Gold Coast, a region with a top-notch coastline that is also a popular surfing area, recognized throughout Australia and across the globe. In fact, there are 43 miles of beach for you to discover while glamping in Queensland, but be sure to not miss Burleigh Heads Beach, Surfer’s Paradise Beach, and Coolangatta Beach. These are the coastal holidays Australia is famous for!

where to go in Queensland, Gold Coast glamping cabins

Visit Western Australia for more of the very best coastal holidays Australia is home to

These Western Australia getaways are more of the very best coastal holidays Australia is home to in 2021. Make the most of your travels around Australia and go glamping!

The Coral Coast is where to head while luxury camping in Western Australia, especially for those who love to go snorkeling and diving. Prepare yourself for the clearest waters you’ve ever swum in and plenty of impressive sea creatures waiting to greet you along the way. Top on your list should be Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef, both World Heritage sites, though there’s truly no bad spot to gaze upon the Indian Ocean—let’s be honest.

one of the top Western Australia getaways for glamping Australia

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