Easter Weekend Breaks in the UK

By Lily Faulding


It'll soon be time for the Easter Bunny to hop into your garden and hide chocolate eggs, ready for the big hunt to commence. Easter is a magical time, particularly for children, so why not make it extra special and spend your Easter weekend break somewhere extraordinary this year?

Go glamping in the U.K., and wake up to the mouth-watering smell of cinnamon from freshly baked hot cross buns, the sound of the birds tweeting telling you to come out and play, and the sun beaming down into your window. Talk about starting spring off with a bang!

Beautiful Tents on Family-Friendly Working Farm on Norfolk Broads, UK

Tucked away on the Norfolk Broads, this beautiful six-person tent gives you an authentic taste of the rich English countryside. Be woken up by the cockerel as your alarm, and be ready to make lots of superb memories during this special time.

While the kids will be getting all excited—and eating enough chocolate to burst!—it is also a time to appreciate harvest and the animals that come with it. On this family-friendly working farm, you can do just that. Let your inner farmer shine, and take the kids to see the piglets, goats, and sheep, and perhaps even witness a spring lamb being welcomed into the world.

Lovely Bell Tents Settled in Isle of Wight Countryside

Ditch that run-of-the-mill camping tent, and spruce up your spring weekend in these stylishly decorated and comfortable bell tents on the Isle of Wight. You will simultaneously be labeled trendy by your kids and be tucked away in a fantastic location overlooking the English Channel!

The best thing about the Isle of Wight is that its glorious beaches are never too far away, but you can always come back to the countryside to find blooming flowers and playful wildlife, allowing you to sleep beneath the stars in your very own utopia.

Unique Handmade Private Hut in the Scottish Highlands

Scotland is known for haggis, glacial glens, and expansive lochs, but there is much more to it than what meets the eye. This handmade hut in the Scottish Highlands gives you everything you need and more for an unforgettable Easter holiday.

It sleeps up to five people, making it the ideal intimate getaway for a small family to spend quality time together. Imagine stepping outside on a chilly Easter Sunday morning and filling your lungs with the crisp, fresh Scottish air, while looking across this magnificent loch and hearing nothing but the wind whistling along the frosty landscape.

Fairy Tale A-Frame Cabin on Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, Southern England

Cornwall is a place where many children make their childhood memories, so we say spend Easter weekend in this fairytale A-Frame cabin, and relive yours. This glamping accommodation is situated on the Lizard Peninsula, whose beauty and charm cannot even begin to be compared to the rest of Cornwall.

It is in the region that has a warmer climate of Britain—not that Britain and warm are ever used in the same sentence—but here you can enjoy the sun beaming down on your face while you enjoy some R&R. This luxury cabin sleeps two guests, and there is an extra fee for children. It is also pet-friendly, so your four-legged friend doesn't need to be stay at the kennel all weekend.

Unique and Comfy Canal Boat Tour through the English Countryside

Breaking away from the traditional countryside escape, you can rent this canal boat. It sleeps eight people at a time, in groups of two travellers each, meaning you and your sweetheart can spend some quality time together. Its slow pace gives glampers the opportunity to admire the magnificent English landscape of rich greenery, rolling hills, and contrasting natural beauty of moors and dales.

You will pass through 200-year-old canals between Manchester and the Peak District, and on an extended travel, through Derbyshire and the Cheshire countryside. How idealistic does that sound?

Everything else you need to know about glamping in the U.K., you can find by clicking here! What are you waiting for?