Guest Spotlight: Carolina + A Glamping Wedding

Carolina, a friend of the Glamping Hub family, recently attended none other than a glamping wedding!

Located in Bedoin, France, this stunning outdoor wedding took place in July 2016. The short and fast of this gorgeous event—because we’d rather let the photos do the talking!—is this:

  • All guests had a tent or a hotel close by, and breakfast was served outside in the morning before the wedding.
  • The ceremony was in a church and also at the town hall—and the view was amazing, as you’ll soon see below.
  • There were around 200 guests at the wedding.
  • All five bathrooms were 100% eco-friendly.
  • There was a station for charging your phone and connecting to electricity.
  • They built the whole bar area on their own (including the letters!!).
  • The wedding gift for all of the guests was a lavender sachet with the guest’s name on it.

Without further ado, get ready to ooh and aah over the ideal glamping wedding—and get some ideas for you own!

Loved these bell tents? Find the perfect one for you here—and for more information on glamping weddings, you can’t miss our Glamping Weddings portal!

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