Best Upstate New York Getaways in 2022

discover the best places to rent a cabin on East Coast America

Skip New York City and head straight to Upstate New York to enjoy some of the best Upstate New York getaways in the US. We know that Times Square and Broadway can be very appealing, but there is a certain freedom that you will only feel when you step out into the open wilderness and spend some time in the outdoors at places like the Indiana Dunes. Cabins, yurts, and cottages can give you that secluded getaway you’ve been looking for.

Leave your watch behind because the whole point of these nature retreats is to lose track of time and be rejuvenated by the soothing settings of these locations. We’ve compiled a list of the best Upstate New York getaways, from camping in NY to romantic cabins, so you can make sure that you are staying somewhere with character, charm, and a phenomenal location. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly vacation rentals somewhere with a bit of activity, a stay in a quiet hamlet like Honeoye, New York, or somewhere secluded for  solo glamping, Upstate New York has some fantastic options.


As an alternative to Upstate New York resorts for families, the first on the list are cottages—these quaint vacation rentals have a rustic allure that is only magnified by their natural surroundings. Usually made of stone or brick, they are an inviting place to spend the night and often have delightful features such as wood-burning fireplaces and claw-foot bathtubs. They are tucked away in breathtaking wilderness, which will make you feel like you are living in a storybook.



Often having skylights that let you stargaze from the comfort of your bed, how can you not fall in love with the idea of sleeping in a yurt? A yurt getaway in Upstate New York provides you with everything you need to soak in the outdoors without having to endure the harsh elements. These luxury accommodations are ideal for the best  romantic getaways in Upstate New York and  are expertly designed to provide the ultimate comfort, and their natural surroundings aren’t bad either.



When you wake up and open the canvas doors of your luxury tent, you will be hit by the beauty of the nature that is right at your doorstep. Tents are a popular choice for those who enjoy feeling at one with nature but don’t necessarily want to pitch a tent every time they go camping. With cozy and luxurious elements inside, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to stay in one during your Upstate New York Getaway.


If you can’t get enough of Upstate New York, check out our collections of pet-friendly cabins and family-friendly rentals outside of NYC. You can also go luxury camping in the Catskills or wine tasting in the Finger Lakes region. For all the information you need in one place, our Upstate New York getaways page is the perfect resource. We promise that you’ll find a getaway that is just right for you.

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