Top 5 Fall Glamping Destinations in the U.S. for Getaways in 2022

View from lakeside of fall foliage: Weekend getaways 2022

Just as we all look forward to flowers blooming in spring, barbecues in summer, and a white Christmas in winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere!), there are certain things about autumn that we wouldn’t swap for all the beach vacations in California. It’s the time of the year when we can break out our cozy sweaters, sip on hot, pumpkin spice coffee, warm up to the crackle of a roaring fire, and, of course, admire the breathtaking sights of fall foliage blanketing the landscape in the best fall glamping destinations in the U.S… 

Despite the seasonal highlights, why not make it different this year? Experience autumn in all it’s glory with a trip to our top five fall glamping destinations 2022!

Scenic drive in Virginia and one of the best fall glamping destinations 2022

Visit Georgia in 2022 and experience one of the very best fall glamping destinations in the U.S. with friends and family in tow 

With an array of stunning state and National Parks throughout, fall vacation rentals in Georgia have to be one of the finest ways in the world to enjoy leaf-peeping.

Head to Amicalola Falls State Park and marvel at the sublime views from the top of the southeast’s tallest cascading waterfall or hike along the rim to several outlooks at Tallulah Gorge State Park for epic canyon vistas.

For a taste of Southern living, sip on a Georgia sweet tea from the deck of a luxury cabin and unwind in style in one of the best and traditionally epic fall glamping destinations in the U.S. 

Views from Georgia cabin and one of the best fall glamping destinations  2022

Prepare for Upstate New York getaways and foliage views and stunning scenery in 2022

Although hiking throughout the Adirondacks glamping or the Catskills is the obvious choice for admiring the fall foliage, those yearning for an adventure can explore the landscape by kayaking along the Hudson River or on Lake Champlain during your next Upstate New York getaways and witness the oil painting-like reflections colorfully shimmering on the water. Glamping Upstate New York is an idyllic plan for a fall vacation. 

A zip-line tour on Hunter Mountain in the Catskills makes for an exhilarating experience through its fiery hue canopies. Keep your vacation unique with these exceptional Adirondacks lakeside rentals, cabins in the woods, and accommodations in Upstate New York. You can also enjoy glamping Lake George if you are more into water activities. 

Exterior of cozy adirondacks lakeside rentals during fall getaways 2022

Find romantic glamping retreats in Virginia: fall vacations for the best possible couples’ getaways in 2022

For the ultimate sense of escape, hit the open road in crisp morning air with the rumble and smell of American muscle and take in the extraordinary foliage views from the spectacular Blue Ridge Parkway during your next Virginia fall getaways.

This All-American Road links Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with plenty of opportunities to stop and visit old Appalachian farm buildings, a plethora of scenic hiking trails, and perfect spots to relax with a picnic. 

It’s also one of our picks for the best destinations for couples’ getaways in 2022 and exactly where you should be looking at for fall vacations which will stay with you forever! 

secluded camping spot in Virginia made for fall vacations and couples' getaways 2022

Go glamping in Montana in 2022 and enjoy one of the best places to go camping in autumn 

The American west is encapsulated in Montana, with its vast wilderness, rustic ranch life, and rich Native American history.

What better way to explore Montana in fall than with unique glamping getaways near Big Sky? Discover the unrivaled beauty of Glacier National Park on horseback before riding through the Rocky Mountains on your chrome horse along the outrageous Going-to-the-Sun Road.

End the day in true cowboy style with a stay in a traditional cabin in Montana with superb mountain views like the one below! This really is one of the best places to go camping in autumn 2022 and with views like that, it’s easy to see why! 

montana cabin and one of the best places to go camping in autumn 2022

Massachusetts rounds up our list with a reputation as one of the most romantic places for camping this fall in 2022

Massachusetts is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic places in North America for fall foliage, making it a dreamy destination and one of the most romantic places for camping this fall 2022.

Replace the bustle of the city with the rustle of fallen leaves in The Berkshires, or disconnect with Martha’s Vineyard vacations and explore the trails of Manuel F. Correllus State Forest before enjoying an exquisite seafood dinner.

For a slice of Americana, savor a piece of Boston cream pie and a hot cup of Joe while relaxing at a lakefront cottage in Cape Cod.

Fall Getaways 2022

For more incredible fall getaways, check out our top accommodations in Vermont and North Carolina!

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