Where to Go Tent and Tipi Camping near Yellowstone National Park in 2022

View of Yellowstone National Park

For a unique vacation, keep reading to discover the best places to go glamping and camping near Yellowstone

Yellowstone is great all year round and though most folks visit in spring and summer there are some fantastic benefits to visiting in the colder months. Less traffic, no crowds – meaning more wildlife venturing out. Bears will be in hibernation but you’ll be able to see herds of bison and elk congregate. Other wild predators abound and you may be lucky enough to see wolves, cougars, bobcats, and coyotes. The real benefit of visiting Yellow stone in November is solitude and plentiful wildlife. Do pay attention to the road closure as the only access to the park in November is from the North entrance. So if you find yourself on the lookout for a glamping getaway or camping near Yellowstone National Park? Or checking out national parks in the USA  for your next adventure? Buckle in because we are here to offer you the ultimate vacation inspo.

Go camping near Yellowstone National Park

Keep reading to find the best place to camp in Yellowstone

We wouldn’t repeat it if we didn’t love it wholeheartedly: camping! You’re probably here because you want to step into nature and enjoy a reprieve from a routine that may not offer you access to the world’s natural beauty. What better way to fill your lungs—and your vacation days—with some fresh air and luxurious, yet authentic, outdoor living? When it comes to lodging, Yellowstone has some pretty incredible rentals to choose from, and we have some incredible options when it comes to the best place to camp in Yellowstone. From a Yellowstone tent to Yellowstone teepee camping, we have the best tent camping in Yellowstone just waiting for you. You may be tuning out thinking that you’ve heard the camping spiel before, but hang tight, we’ve got something special up our sleeves, so keep reading and find out where to camp in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone Tipi Rental for Montana Glamping
Yellowstone Tipi Rental for Montana Glamping

Start planning a trip camping near Yellowstone National Park

As many seasoned glampers and travelers may already know, Yellowstone National Park is the first National Park in the United States and, arguably, the world. With abundant amounts of history, unique sights, and activities that attract travelers from all over the world every year, tent camping in Yellowstone is a unique way to spend a vacation. The park spans over 3,000 square miles and is home to countless natural wonders such as rivers, lakes, canyons, and mountain ranges. The park’s impressive expanse, which encompasses three different states, makes it a destination virtually impossible to visit in just one weekend. After your first stay here, you’ll want to go camping in Yellowstone in May, June, and July to keep exploring!

Geysers and volcanos: visit the Yellowstone Caldera for the best camping in Yellowstone National Park

Camping at Yellowstone is undeniably unique. Yellowstone’s vibrant ecosystem plays a huge role in attracting travelers to its gates. Many glampers choose to visit this National Park not only for its beauty but also for the chance to lay eyes on North America’s largest supervolcano, the Yellowstone Caldera. The volcanic earth on which the park sits produces geothermal features, such as the Old Faithful geyser, that are difficult to find in other places of the world. In terms of a destination for glamping, Yellowstone is truly a unique place to visit. Imagine a vacation camping at Old Faithful; what better way to come face-to-face with nature while enjoying the best camping in Yellowstone National Park. So when you’re planning on a unique getaway of camping, Old Faithful, Yellowstone, is a real hot spot!

The grand prismatic spring in Yellowstone

Share your vacation with the local residents: camping near Yellowstone wildlife!

Of course, we must not forget to note the park’s wild inhabitants when considering camping near Yellowstone. Wildlife such as large bison herds, wolf packs, elk, and grizzly bears that are quite rare in other areas of North America, famously call Yellowstone home. Needless to say, Yellowstone National Park offers a range of unforgettable experiences and breathtaking sights that cannot be missed by lovers of the outdoors. Tenting in Yellowstone is a surefire way to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the park.

Most of us select travel accommodations based on their proximity to the activities we want to enjoy while on our holidays. A trip to the beach will probably mean looking for a bed and breakfast with ocean views, while a stay in the Smoky Mountains will be more enjoyable from the comforts of a hillside cabin. So where should you stay to fully enjoy your immersion in the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park?

When it comes to vacations in Yellowstone National Park, camping and glamping are absolutely the best ways to escape into the stunning natural beauty of the park. Hotels are busy and, let’s be honest, you won’t get the direct access to nature that you’ve traveled so long and far for. We believe that you’ll be much better off getting comfortable in a unique tipi or a glamping tent, the best tent camping Yellowstone Park can boast, where you can enjoy the luxuries of being on vacation while also remaining in touch with the landscape and wildlife that you came for, so dive into some Yellowstone NP camping.

The best places for glamping and camping near Yellowstone National Park

When you’re figuring out where to camp near Yellowstone National Park, one question you should ask yourself is, where does one go to encounter a luxury camping experience in the heart of Yellowstone National Park? Today is your lucky day because we have a collection of tipi and tent accommodations that are deluxe enough to make any glamper swoon on the spot. We don’t mean to brag, but these tipi and tent camping locations are ideal for creating the best possible experience in Yellowstone National Park.

Visit Jackson, Wyoming: Glamping in Jackson Hole Valley

The town of Jackson, Wyoming, has become increasingly popular amongst travelers, thanks to its proximity to Yellowstone National Park. Located within the Jackson Hole Valley, Jackson has made its mark as home to the largest elk herd in the country, an attribute that has both boosted the local economy and placed the town on the map for lovers of wildlife. With plenty of things to do Jackson Hole; Wyoming is a great destination for glamping or camping near Yellowstone.

image of yellowstone national park, and a trip here being the best gifts for retired parents

Stay in a unique tent rental near Jackson, Wyoming: best camping near Yellowstone

Your trip to Yellowstone National Park will be wildly enriched if enjoyed by the luxurious comforts of a tipi or tent in this charming town. You’ll be proud to have chosen a camping accommodation near Jackson, Wyoming, that sits in the thick of Yellowstone National Park and exposes you to cool local cultural activities and industries simultaneously.

Secluded Camping Retreat with a Fire Pit near in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Secluded Camping Retreat with a Fire Pit near Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Camping near Dubois, WY

Okay, so maybe elk aren’t quite your thing, or you’re looking for something a little more historically enriching for your vacation rentals Jackson Wyoming your stay in this destination bursting with the local culture. Not a problem—we have more options to offer you for perfect camping accommodation in a tent. If we can recommend a unique and charming location with a spot vying for the title of the best place to tent camp in Yellowstone, it’s the town of Dubois, Wyoming.

Enjoy a stay in a rustic camping cabin near Dubois, WY

This small town is ripe with history, due to its close connection to local Shoshone tribes that continue to influence the native culture today. Many relics, such as stone tipi circles, hunting traps, and other artifacts, can be found in Dubois, WY, and its surrounding areas, making this destination a truly enriching one for glampers looking to connect with Yellowstone’s more authentic side, especially with a stay in this rustic, Yellowstone camping cabin, the perfect compromise if you’re not sold on tent camping near Yellowstone National Park.

Rustic Vacation Cabin on Idyllic Dude Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming
Rustic Vacation Cabin on Idyllic Dude Ranch with Horseback Riding Trails in Dubois, Wyoming

Going glamping near Yellow Stone? Need some inspiration for the best food to take on your camping trip? Make sure you have all the camping essentials before leaving home! If you’re on the hunt for fantastic eco-friendly camping gear, you’ve come to the right place!

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