Affordable European Vacations You Deserve To Know About In 2020

cheap holiday locations in Europe

A vacation in Europe is definitely bucket list material. Who hasn’t dreamed of catching rays on a beautiful Andalusian beach? Or perhaps dining al fresco with your other half over a shared bowl of real Italian pasta is more your thing. Whatever you prefer, our list of affordable European vacations will surely settle your needs.

We’re big believers that glampers should not just dream about visiting these places, but actually go ahead and do it! The best part is it really doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

With hundreds of flights heading to Europe each day, there’s never been a better time to jet off to this breathtaking part of the world. Grab your loved ones and passport, and take your pick of one these amazing and cheap holiday destinations Europe has to offer in 2020. Affordable and luxurious? You can thanks us later.

Affordable European vacations should start with holidays in Granada in 2020

To kick things off, let’s appreciate the perfect mix of sandy beaches and romantic countryside that can only be found with affordable European vacations to the south of Spain. We love this quaint cottage nestled in its own secluded haven and perfect for holidays in Granada. Fully furnished and with its own private pool, we won’t judge you if you never want to leave the accommodation. However, if you do decide to do some exploring, rest assured there’s a huge range of gorgeous sites waiting to be discovered when you take city breaks to Granada, Spain.

view from vacation rentals in Granada, perfect for affordable European vacations

Embracing affordable glamping: Scotland holidays will revolutionize your idea of perfect trips to UK 2020

It’s hard not to automatically think of London when considering trips to UK, but we think it’s time to change that. The rest of the UK has really upped its glamping game.

Take Scotland holidays, for example. Truly rural and enveloped in endless miles of natural beauty, there really couldn’t be a more perfect place to enjoy a getaway with the whole family. We particularly like these Orkney beachfront eco-pods, ideal for glamping Scotland. Heading away from the capital also guarantees a cheaper getaway!

View from Orkney holiday homes, perfect for glamping: Scotland holidays await

Our picks of cheap European vacations in 2020 won’t be lacking any quality, especially with holidays in Portugal to Evora

We don’t believe that glampers should have to pay extra to head somewhere more exotic. Lucky for us, there are cheap travel destinations Europe can offer to us all around the world. While you may have known that Portugal is incredibly beautiful, it might come as a shock that it doesn’t cost the earth to visit either! Check out this site in Evaramonte that offers luxurious yurt accommodations from just $40 a night, resulting in some of the best holidays in Portugal you could have this year!

interior of vacation rental Evora has to offer for premium holidays in Portugal

Best places to visit in Italy affordably: these Tuscany vacation rentals are just some of the best ways to enjoy Europe in 2020

Last up, Italy! There’s a reason that gelato is a world-famous sweet treat. No matter how convincing companies around the world try to reassure us that they really do sell genuine, homemade Italian gelato, the truth is that it simply cannot be found outside of Italy.

Never tried it? Enjoy a glamping break at these Tuscany vacation rentals and one of the best places to visit in Italy in 2020 for affordable European vacations.

gelato van outside one of the best Tuscany vacation rentals for glamping Italy adventures

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