Best Places To Visit In Canada In Summer 2021

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As we schedule last-minute beach trips, and slowly cross off that checklist of summer adventures, we can’t help but ponder…is there more to discover? Below, we outline the ultimate and best places to visit in Canada. Getaway for the summer this year, and discover the best things to do in Vancouver and more. 

We’ve found ourselves dreaming of Canada glamping getaways lately, so whether you are a native Canadian in serious need of a staycation or an American looking to visit this neighboring country, these inspiring locations and activities will keep you satisfied through the summer in Canada. 

Find plenty of things to do in Vancouver, BC this summer in Canada 

For all intents and purposes, we believe that Vancouver Island might be the most tranquil place in the world. This location may offer plenty of spas, vineyards, and other pampering activities, but it also shakes things up a bit with activities ranging from fly fishing charters to biking across the island.

Take full advantage of the plethora of activities on offer here from the comfort of your British Columbia rentals.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Best options for vacations in Canada; Summer activities in Ontario: kayaking and jet ski on Obabika Lake this summer 2021 

There are so many options for outdoor activities during your vacations in Canada. Summer means lakes on lakes on lakes—oh yes, we went there. That said, did you know Canada is not only the country with the most lakes, but also makes up more lakes than the rest of the world’s countries combined? For that reason alone, these luxury tents on the banks of Obabika Lake, Ontario are a must-visit. 

Some of the summer activities in Ontario on Obabika Lake include a long list of water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, and jet skiing which are all sure to cool your down in that summer heat. 

Obabika Lake, Ontario
Obabika Lake, Ontario


Enjoy your Canada summer vacation from the base of luxury Algonquin Park rentals near Ottawa River 

No matter where you are in this big ol’ world, Algonquin Park is sure to be worth the trek. Nestled between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River, this paradise is the absolute perfect hub for a Canada summer vacation.

Head to Kawawaymog Lake, which is Algonquin Park’s number one canoe-in access point, and you won’t be disappointed after spending quality time at one of the best places to visit in Canada in summer! Take to the hills with Canada mounain biking or even yoga from the base of your glamping Algonquin Park rentals.

Camping Cabin Rentals Set on All-Inclusive Retreat in Ontario, Canada
Camping Cabin Rentals Set on All-Inclusive Retreat in Ontario, Canada


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