The Best Vacations in Canada to Celebrate Victoria Day, 2023

Vacations in Canada for Victoria Day

Initially, a day to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, Victoria Day has been a holiday in Canada since at least 1845. Some 176 years later, this holiday is still celebrated on the last Monday before May 25th. That extra day at the weekend is the perfect opportunity to do some traveling in Canada. In a country filled with mountain ranges, lakes, and, a rugged coastline, vacations in Canada are a pretty easy sell. To really celebrate Victoria Day, 2023, why not plan a weekend getaway to the best places to visit in Canada? Discover great vacations in Canada in spring 2023.

A hiker taking in views of a lake on his Victoria Day vacations in Canada

Spend Victoria Day 2023 exploring British Columbia

British Columbia is a great place to start when looking for vacations in Canada. It is at the top of our list of places to visit for a getaway for Victoria Day Weekend. With mountain resorts to visit such as Whistler, British Columbia is perfect for hikes during spring and summer. Mountains aren’t your only option when you’re looking for the perfect BC cabin rentals. Vancouver Island is ideal for coastal vacations in Canada. Indulge in activities like whale watching, kayaking on the Emerald Lake, or wildlife watching. Explore nature when you visit Vancouver, BC.

A view of Emerald Lake, BC, with visitors hiking during their vacations in Canada

Head to Banff National Park for some dog-friendly vacations in Canada

Alberta is another province that all outdoor lovers will adore. Banff National Park is a particular favorite of ours, especially as they have some amazing dog-friendly hiking trails. In Banff, you and your four-pawed pal can enjoy the best hikes in Banff. While enjoying astounding vistas of mountains, lakes, and forests. Hiking in Banff isn’t your only option when you’re booking a stay in one of our cozy cabins in Banff. Other things to do in Banff National Park include visiting Banff Hot Springs. What better way to relax during your long weekend getaways than a soak in the natural hot spring?

A hiker and his dog enjoying forest-cvered dog-friendly hiking trails in Banff, Alberta

The best places to visit in Quebec for National Patriots Day

Victoria Day Weekend is a great reason for a road trip to enjoy the many beautiful places to visit in Quebec. Visit Mont-Tremblant offers stunning hikes and kayaking options, during spring and summer. Alternatively, explore the stunning Eeyou Istchee Baie-James which is teeming with flora and fauna. Visit Gaspésie to catch sight of whales basking in the waters of their natural habitat. Quebec will leave you wanting to return for more incredible getaways in Canada.

A view of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec during your weekend getaway

Enjoy all the wonderful things to do in the Yukon for Victoria Day, 2023

If you want to really travel in Canada, rather than planning standard vacations in Canada, there is only one destination. Canada, as we have established, is a great outdoors enthusiast’s dream. With some incredible things to do in the Yukon, you can really look forward to escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. Canada boasts some amazing spots to catch sight of the northern lights, and the Yukon is one such region. If you rent a cabin near Whitehorse, you can escape towards Fish Lake or Chadburn Lake Road, away from the lights of the city. Here you can view the shimmering green lights in the sky. Don’t miss Kluane National Park, with its hiking trails and epic mountain ranges worthy of a hobbit-sized adventure!

Stunning views of the mountains in Kluane National Park for a fun weekend getaway

Spend your vacations in Canada in Nova Scotia; travel to the Skyline Trail

Last but certainly not least on our vacations in Canada list is Nova Scotia. Travel to this stunning maritime province, and you can explore stunning coastal hikes like the Skyline Trail on Cape Breton. Cabin rentals in Nova Scotia are ideally situated to give you easy access to routes like the Skyline Trail, but you’ll be equally close to spots like Halifax, Nova Scotia. The coastal city offers you the chance to have a day in an urban environment before you head back out for your next foray into the great outdoors on Victoria Day 2023.

A hiker enjoying views from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia during a weekend getaway

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