Things to do in London at Christmas, 2020

Enjoy a Christmas in London with a host of activities to choose from

If you’re spending Christmas in London, 2020, keep reading our list of things to do. London awaits!

Lights, carols, and the buzz of anticipation fills the streets as shoppers get the last of their Christmas shopping done. It can only be Christmas in London 2020. From Oxford Street to Camden and beyond, the city comes into a life of its own throughout the Christmas period, competing with even the best Christmas towns. There’s plenty of things to do in London throughout the year, but at Christmas time, there’s much, much more. We’ve put together a list of just a few of the things to do in London at Christmas, and make 2019 a festive season to remember!

Staying in London itself can be a tad pricey, so if you’re planning UK holidays for Christmas 2019, you can stay just outside of London in a great vacation rental. Staying in and around the Home Counties will give you easy access to the center of London with direct train routes into the main stations in the city.

Best Christmas markets for 2020; London Bridge Christmas market and Greenwich Christmas market

All over Europe, Christmas markets are up and raring to go. London is no different. Of the best Christmas markets in Europe, London can certainly boast two. You can enjoy the Greenwich Christmas market and the London Bridge Christmas market is perfectly situated for a double Christmas activity. Once you’ve enjoyed all the Christmas decorations and products on sale, head over to Borough Market, which is a foodie’s paradise throughout the year. At Christmas, you can indulge in some festive treats.

Head to Borough Market when you spend Christmas in London
Photo from ClinkHostels

Ice Skating, London; glide around monuments and museums during your next holidays in 2020

Snow isn’t too common during Christmas in London. In fact, it’s not overly common for snow to settle for long at all here. However, that stubborn London spirit won’t be deterred, so instead of snowball fights and building snowmen, you can head to one of several monuments or museums and enjoy some ice skating. At Somerset House, ice skating takes place in the center of the building, so you can enjoy being surrounded by this stunning Georgian building. Not enough ice skating? Tower of London should be your next stop. At the Tower of London, ice skating takes place outside the walls of the famous landmark, and similarly, outside the Natural History Museum, there is a rink and food stalls, perfect for a family day out.

Enjoy icce skating when you spend Christmas in London
Photo by Ben Askins

Hyde Park Christmas 2020; walking in a winter wonderland

When spending Christmas in London, you can’t miss out on Hyde Park. Christmas finds its way into the park with the annual Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Running until 5th January 2020, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is free to enter, and the perfect family activity. It features everything you could want from a Christmas event, from a Christmas market and ice skating to live music and circus shows. The kids will love it, and it’ll undoubtedly bring the big kid out of you too!

Christmas in London wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
Photo from Time Out

Release your inner Bublé! 2020 Christmas carols in London

While we have to concede we might not be able to belt out the Christmas carols as well as Michael Bublé, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of a sing-song yourself. Up until Christmas Eve, crowds gather at Trafalgar Square. Carols are sung by 40 different choirs throughout the Christmas period around the iconic Christmas tree, and a collection is taken for charitable organizations. In St. Paul’s Cathedral there is a family carol service on Christmas Eve, and you can also head to the world-renowned Royal Albert Hall for carol singing, again on Christmas Eve.

Sing carols in the iconic Royal Albert Hall

Getting your just desserts: The Great Covent Garden Christmas Pudding Race

While Christmas pudding is one of the most famous Christmas desserts and is famously an important part of a British Christmas dinner, every December, teams sign up to face The Great Covent Garden Christmas Pudding Race. Organized by Cancer Research Aid Committee (CRAC) on behalf of Cancer Research UK, the race is an obstacle course completed by teams in fancy dress. With obstacles such as a giant inflatable slide and a crazy foam slalom to navigate, all whilst balancing a Christmas Pudding on a tray, it is nothing short of spectacle to behold!

 The Great Covent Garden Christmas Pudding Race is an annual charitable event
Photo by Andrew Smith

Treat yourself to a trip to the West End for a Pantomime and the best shows in 2020

Famous for theater and musicals, the West End plays host to various pantomimes throughout Christmas. For anyone not in the know, pantomimes have been a British tradition in various forms since the medieval period. Nowadays, they follow a certain layout that has long been accepted as the norm. Pantomimes are filled with slapstick fun, with songs and jokes the whole family will love. Based on traditional stories and fairytales, old favorites such as Aladdin, Robin Hood, Cinderella, and more are often produced. If you head to the West End for a panto, you may get the chance to see a few famous faces from TV on stage as well!

Head to the West End for a pantomime
Book tickets for Peter Pan goes wrong at Alexandra Palace

Go to the pub and learn how to spend your Christmas 2020 in good company (if Boris allows it)

And relax! After all that, you have earned the right to go to a cozy pub, put your feet up, and enjoy a pint of the finest ale on tap. Nothing says Christmas in London more than a trip to a traditional London pub. With a real ale in hand, and some pub food on the way, put your feet up and reminisce on everything you’ve done during your festive trip to London!

No trip to London without a trip to the pub

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