Guide To Cowichan Valley, BC: Best Places To Visit In British Columbia In 2021

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Vancouver Island, where the Cowichan Valley BC is located, has a unique style compared to the rest of British Columbia. Maybe the separation from the busy mainland has something to do with it, or perhaps its the proximity to the ocean and the laid-back vibes that go along with that. “The Island,” as it’s known in British Columbia, has always been a place to escape from normality—a place to unwind and detach from the daily hustle and bustle of every-day life. A lot of folks who live here take this same approach with life, which is reflected in the funky, character-filled communities on the Island. There are many things to do in Cowichan Valley including nature trails, fun cycling tours, and some brilliant hikes in Cowichan Valley too.

cowichan valley bc

Cowichan Valley weather and terrain: discover one of the best places to stay on Vancouver Island in 2021

Hopping over to the island’s eastern shores, one will notice some distinct changes in geography and climate. While the West Coast takes the full brunt of the Pacific Ocean’s storms, the east side is sheltered by the mountains. The temperatures are generally warmer and the water calmer, but the adventurous island vibe pervades on this side, too.

The Cowichan Valley is a great example of this. A broad, fertile valley guarded by forested hills, the area is more British Columbia’s interior farmland than a coastal destination. A broad, fertile valley guarded by forested hills, this area is more British Columbia Interior farmland than a cooastal destination. A quick detour onto the backroads will pass by vineyards, cows grazing, and lush farmland. It’s pretty easy to forget that the ocean is just a stone’s throw away.

Romantic Tree House Cottage in the Forests of Halfmoon Bay in British Columbia, cowichan valley bc
Romantic Tree House Cottage in the Forests of Halfmoon Bay in British Columbia

The Cowichan Valley, BC is a place to escape from the monotony of daily routine, a place to unwind and relax with friends, family or alone!

Consider a stay at one of the most incredible cabin rentals Vancouver Island has to offer in Cowichan Valley, BC

Detour up to the Cowichan River—along a maze of country roads and up a steep gravel driveway—and you’ll have arrived at one of the best cabins Vancouver Island has to offer on Stoltz Bluff. Fully off-the-grid and sustainably built, this property and accommodation is simply inspirational, not to mention how perfect they are for a luxurious place to stay as one of the top cabin rentals Vancouver Island can offer guests and travelers in 2021.

As the name (and the steepness of the driveway) might suggest, the retreat is built on the top of Stoltz Bluff, overlooking the Cowichan River Provincial Park, and offers incredible views up and down the main valley, which allows for memorable sunrises and sunsets right from the porch. Seriously, the view alone makes it worth the trip to Cowichan Valley, BC.

Leon and Tonya, the visionaries behind this project, had no prior experience in building in this style, but were determined to create something that would serve to inspire others. Cabins in British Columbia like this one hit on all the requirements of their original vision: an eco-friendly design that utilizes off-the-grid systems and is located in a private, stunning area that shows off the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. Every detail of the house is hand-crafted, and it’s clear it was built with the intent to create a haven of relaxation and contemplation for generations to come.

Amazing British Columbia Retreat on 10 Acres in Shirley, cowichan valley bc
Amazing British Columbia Retreat on 10 Acres in Shirley

Cowichan Valley things to do for the perfect BC getaways

One can sample the results of such lush farmland at the weekly farmers’ market in the local town of Duncan. Fresh baked goods, Cowichan wines, towering tables of local produce, and plenty of perfectly eccentric folk that live in the area. Wine and food are at the forefront at another Cowichan Valley favorite, Saison Market, where everything tastes freshly picked and lovingly crafted.

cowichan valley bc

Glamping Hub personally thank the hosts of this stunning cabin for allowing us to feel like we got to tag along on this incredible getaway through Cowichan Valley, BC!

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